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Hi! Konichiwa or Hola to all of you, My name Is Alexis Yi (pronounced Lee) and I've been browsing wikipedia for a long time so I decided to create an account, I intend to edit different articles and put in my opinion for change with some articles, I'm of South Korean Descent and I live in Long Beach California, I'm a fan of jpop,jrock,kpop/k-r&b, R&b and even some rap music.


Love's Livejournal (is on hiatus for bad grade though)

Hates racists, homophobs,otakus and bitches

Dislikes fangirls

Finds kimchi the best vegetable in the world

Big Bang (group) is the definition of hotness

Belives Akame is love forever

LJ name is a spin off Yumekui for this name was taken

Loves Hello! Project

Asian music is the most played on her Ipod

Favorite artists include Utada BoA Se7en (singer) Rain (singer)

Is of South Korea-an descent, her parents came from there




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