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My main interest is aviation, especially civil and commercial aviation. I work for a major airline and I've worked in the airline industry since age 18. I have a great interest in Travel, Geography, and History, especially significant events in modern history and I am also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Feel free to message me about anything!!

I joined Wikipedia on December 15, 2004, but I had been editing anonymously since at least March of that year. Coincidentally, my first visit to Wikipedia occured on December 15, 2003.

Currently, English Wikipedia has 5,767,101 Articles.

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  1. Joan - Age 3
  2. Andrew - Age 7
  3. Jerry - Age 10
  4. Irene - Age 14
  5. Leslie - Age 15
  6. Charley - Age 19
  7. Frances - Age 19
  8. Jeanne - Age 19
  9. Katrina - Age 20
  10. Rita - Age 20
  11. Wilma - Age 20
  12. Ernesto - Age 21
  13. Barry - Age 22
  14. Fay - Age 23

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