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|- These lessons are to be used by Soxred93's adoptees. In order for an adoptee to successfully pass the adoption process, they must complete the required courses, and at least two optional courses. After the completion of the required courses, and the two optional the adoptee will receive a test, tests will vary from student to student depending on the optional courses that took, and the level of editing experience they have. You must pass the test with an 85% or higher to pass, if you fail the test you are welcome to re-take another version after you complete the other optional classes you did not do before. Once the adoptee has passed the test they are not finished with the program, but instead done with the in class part of the adoption process and now will be "free to roam about the project." I will be monitoring their contributions and giving them constructive criticism along the way. I hope that they will use some of the skills taught in my classes, to demonstrate they actually learned something. Once they have demonstrated (through there edits) a clear understanding of wikipedias core policies, and have proven to be able to effectively and civilly communicate with other users, they will graduate from my course. They are always welcome to continue to ask me questions, and stay in contact once they have graduated.

Course Required/Optional
Clean up patrol Optional
Copyright on a Free Wikipedia Required
Deletion Policies/Process Required
User Permissions Required
Reviewing Articles Optional
Templates Required
Advanced Templates Optional
Vandalism 1.1 Required
Vandalism 1.2 Recommended
Wikimarkup 101 Required

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Create a sandbox for testing[edit]

Current Adoptees[edit]

Pretty much this entire page has been taken from Steve Crossin, who got it from Tiptoety.