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Hi, my name's David. I'm a computer programmer and occasional goth DJ from Sydney, Australia. I live in Newtown, New South Wales, Australia. I studied computer science at Macquarie University.

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Most of my Wikipedia activity is in little bites of time, so you're much more likely to find me doing a bit of copy-editing, disambiguating, adding articles to lists, busy-work like that, than you are to find me writing actual articles. :-)

However, I am pleased to announce that on May 17, 2004 I made my 1,000th edit, and it was a real new article, not a little bit of copy-editing. See Charles Bathurst, 1st Viscount Bledisloe.

On June 27, 2004 I made my 2,000th edit, another real new article, and again related to rugby union in New Zealand. See Ranfurly Shield.

On July 28, 2004, RickK nominated me for adminship, and I was honoured to accept. I received 31 supporting votes and none opposing, and on August 5, I was appointed to the position of Administrator.

On August 10, 2004 I made my 3,000th edit—this time it wasn't a glorious new article, but me using my new Admin powers to hit the rollback button on an anon who had blanked a bunch of content out of Lung cancer.

I didn't actually notice my 4,000th edit going by, but it looks like it happened somewhere around about September 21, 2004. Might have been my rewrite of Antônio Parreiras.

Number 5,000 flew past as well, looks like it was while doing some grunt-work on mispunctuated links in late October, 2004.

On February 19, 2005 I made my 6,000th edit—contributing to a conversation on Talk:Sydney Hilton bombing.

This user does not do userboxes, but is a member of WikiProject Rugby union and WikiProject Australian politics.

Articles I have started or made (imho) significant contributions to

1400s | Abram Chasins | Allan Guy | Antônio Parreiras | Armenian Airlines | Bakkies Botha | BJ Services Company | Brian Archer | Brian McKechnie | Charles 'Tex' Watson | Charles Bathurst, 1st Viscount Bledisloe | Clan of Xymox | Colorado State Forest | Condor Laucke | Crab Island, Guyana | Dave Gallaher | David Brownhill | Donald Byrne | Gavin Lawless | Germán Arangio | Horizons: Empire of Istaria | Jabra Nicola | Jason Rutledge | Jeffrey Kaplan (academic) | Joaquín Blume | John Taylor (rugby player) | Johnny Ramone | Justin O'Byrne | Karl Wilhelm Naundorff | Keith Cameron | Ken Aldred | Kerry Sibraa | Mackellar by-election, 1994 | Marky Ramone | Marrickville by-election, 2005 | Merenrap | Michael Baume | Motorola 68EC020 | Motorola 68EC030 | NAAFI | National Provincial Championship | Newtown, New South Wales | Ralph Steadman | Ranfurly Shield | Reuben Thorne | Rod Atkinson | Saudi riyal | Siouxsie & the Banshees | Sneferu | Stan Alves | Super 10 (Southern Hemisphere competition) | Tana Umaga | Tasmanian general election, 1986 | Te Tai Hauauru by-election 2004 | Terry Aulich | Tri Nations Series | Victor Chang

..and all the Super 12 rugby union teams: see Category:Super Rugby teams

I was also pleased to see Ian McKellen recently featured on the front page. Although my contributions to that article have only been minor cleanup stuff and link tweaking, I did recognise a sentence or two that I had worked on. Front page, yay!

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