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The Hugmonster:

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We are the Hugmonsters. There are actually two of us - one is called Sharon and the other is called Tim.

I (Sharon) use Wikipedia for much of my internet searching these days - much easier to use and generally quicker. I used to get annoyed at web pages with typos in them and being unable to do anything much about it. So I first registered as a user so I could correct other people's spelling mostly!

Now I have decided to go one step further and start some proper editing/writing!

ToDo list[edit]

Other articles I keep an eye on[edit]

Places of interest for my family history[edit]

Acol, Kent - Ardington (needs work) - Burley, Hampshire - East Lockinge (needs work) - Eastleigh - Garlinge - Hanslope - Margate - Minster-in-Thanet - New Forest - Ramsgate - Westgate-on-Sea (needs work) - Stoke Goldington (needs work) - Thanet - Wantage - Winchester


If anyone wants photos taken of things/places around Morley or Rothwell for Wikipedia articles just let me know. I don't go into Leeds itself much, but might still have some photos lying around that you could use.

I've probably got quite a few photos of Chippenham too.

Places we've been (together and separately)[edit]


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For your hard work on the Chippenham page AlanD 21:36, 10 February 2007 (UTC)