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The Anome is a second-wave Wikipedian.

The Anome abides.

Interesting reading[edit]

To do[edit]

  • Perhaps an artcle on solar influence on radioactive decay, if other reports emerge to confirm the initial tantalizing findings? It's so easy to set up a reasonably well-controlled experiment, even with the most minimal scientific resources, that I would imagine that science labs worldwide are rushing to set up their own.
  • An article on signal processing delay / signal processing latency
  • Liaise with User:PhotoCatBot's operator?
  • Now make the bot remove {{coordmissing}} tags when tagging with coordinates
  • Fix bot exclusion stuff: complex spec, painful to implement

Geodata to-do[edit]

Total is over 27,000 possibles: even doing a fraction of these would make a big dent in the backlog.

AI scenarios[edit]

From , the following list of AI/logic problem scenarios:

The Baby Scenario, the Bus Ride Scenario, the Chess Board Scenario, the Ferryboat Connection Scenario, the Furniture Assembly Scenario, the Hiding Turkey Scenario, the Kitchen Sink Scenario, the Russian Turkey Scenario, the Stanford Murder Mystery, the Stockholm Delivery Scenario, the Stolen Car Scenario, the Stuffy Room Scenario, the Ticketed Car Scenario, the Walking Turkey Scenario, and the Yale Shooting Anomaly.

We should have articles on all of these that meet the notability criteria. -- The Anome (talk) 15:10, 1 March 2013 (UTC)