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On this page, allow me to share some of my interests and musings on Wikipedia. Some of these are rather eccentric, but most are rather benign, I promise. :-) אמר Steve Caruso (desk/poll)

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Some of my interests[edit]

Current musings on Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia groups[edit]



Wikipedia tools[edit]


Role-playing and related stuff[edit]

About my theology[edit]

Where I've been[edit]

The study of Religion is something that is very near and dear to me. I've gone through quite a path in life, from:

  1. Episcopalianism
  2. Non-Denominationalism
  3. G12 Vision (Due to my experiences with G-12 I personally believe it to be a dangerous high-pressure group.)
  4. Messianic Christianity
  5. Karaite Judaism
  6. Mosaic Yahwism
  7. Pre-Mosaic or Primitive Yahwist
  8. Generic Canaanitism
  9. Generic Pagan
  10. Arctolatry (which has very strong Messianic themes).
  11. And have come full circle back to folksy Episcopalianism.

I think my journey is complete. :-)

Two Theo-philosophical Principles[edit]

In my personal beliefs as well as any personal philosophy I adhere to I employ a simple set of but two guidelines:

  1. Honesty - One must be honest with oneself about any personally held belief.
  2. Consistency - One's beliefs must be consistent, and one must be consistent with one's beliefs.

As such my personal beliefs are always a work in progress, and as I learn more they change. Even as they change, I always hold to my convictions.


Ever have a list of things you come up with on the fly that you just have to write down? This section is dedicated to them. I'll be adding onto it as I stumble upon more in life.

On dealing with other people[edit]

  • "In order to be accommodated, you must be accommodating; however, always hold to your convictions."
  • "Never try to be 'tolerant.' Strive to respectfully disagree. 'Tolerance' originally referred to the quantity of poison one can bear in their body before they die."
  • "99% of life's problems are due to people not communicating with one another."
  • "I am a firm believer of 'keep wackyness in the workplace.'"

Word Smashes[edit]

I have the odd tendency to try and say two things at once, not making up my mind until after I've spoken. The result is a rather odd hash of syllables that sort of makes sense, and I usually forget them quickly. I'll try my best to record them when they pop up, so here are some of the funnier ones:

"No farm!" == "No harm!" + "No foul!"
"Shugginer" == "Sugar" + "Sweetner"
"Whacked" == "Whacky" + "Wicked"
"Decrimonial" == "Decorative" + "Ceremonial"