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I have less than barely over 500 edits on this site although I've been here for six years now. The problem is, I only edit things I'm interested in.

That typically means only editing stuff about rock albums, obscure events, Simpsons characters and episodes, mythology, ethnic and historical genealogy, simple typos, adding/removing categories and even things I find using the random page button.

My only major contribution to this site were my edits to Last Chants for a Slow Dance.

I'm not much of a Wikipedia user as I am typically hanging out on Wikipedia's brother site, Uncyclopedia, and am more experienced in writing comedy articles than actual significant articles.

Actually, I don't edit stuff on Simpsons episodes anymore, but I edit stuff on Family Guy episodes now. That's because my stupid local TV network now longer shows Simpsons weeknights, so now I have to get my laughs from Family Guy and the next day, I edit articles on the episode I just saw. I watch South Park now. Anime is where it's at now.

As you can already tell, I am your stereotypical smart-alecky, rebellious 21-year-old male.

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