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"Instead of creating damn problems, first find the solution." ~ Anonymous
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My name is ThinkBlue, a homage to my favorite MLB baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Another fact, my favorite color happens to be "Blue". Anyways, I enjoy watching television; My favorite shows are Will and Grace, 30 Rock, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Parks and Recreation. I take part in many different projects, such as professional wrestling and actors. Myself and NiciVampireHeart, that's right I said "vampire", are the cool duo, just to clear up any confusion, as the two of us are so cool, we have amassed a ridiculous number of good content by working as a team. That's it, so...

Daruma doll
A Daruma doll (Japanese: 達磨) is a hollow, round, traditional Japanese doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist. Though considered an omocha, meaning toy, by some, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. They are seen as symbols of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement.Photograph: Chris Woodrich


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