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Vital Information
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General info
User name Thorns Among Our Leaves
Real name Aly
Gender Yeah, I guess
Affectional Orientation Queer ... Homo-romantic (typically) asexual
Date of birth 4 January
Age 21
Hometown Hmm...
Height 160 cm/5'2"
Weight 51.5 kg/113.5 lbs
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Hazel, though it changes from time to time
Ethnicity Italian/Irish/Polish/Ashkenazi Jewish
Body type Mesomorph
Exercise Mental
Work Research slave, technology support and repairs
Education Fourth year university student
Politics Social justice
Religion وحدة الوجود
Relationship Committed
Children None, maybe one day in the distant future
Drinking No
Smoking Not really
Sign Capricorn
Personality Contemplative


It seems you've stumbled across my Wikipedia userpage. Welcome, visitor! The name's Aly, how do you do? I'm 21 years old, and I'm a fourth-year university student with majors in anthropology and sociology and a minor in women's and gender studies. I've been on Wikipedia since 2005. I've made edits and had convos/debates about various articles around here... Check out my user contributions to see. I've created a few articles, too. I don't do very much on here now that I'm in university, though - too busy. But sometimes I edit my profile because I'm really vain like that.

I'm somewhat active on the internet, mainly on websites involving reviews and music. I'm on Rate Your Music as Aly and Last.FM as poor-de-chirico.

And, for those of you that may be interested, my user name is from the song "Eden," by my one of my favorite bands, 10,000 Maniacs. It's from the album Our Time in Eden and is derived from the first line: "We are the roses in the garden, beauty with thorns among our leaves..."

Happy wiki-ing, all!

- Aly.

I used to have a mahoosive list of crap I like here, but I removed it. I'm doing some house cleaning. More will be up in time, but for now, it has been relegated to the history (and an archive, which can be found here: User: Thorns among our leaves/Archive_of_crap).


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