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'This sub-page on my user space is designed to provided a simplified set of help pointers for students and others I work with. 'It relates rather directly to a series of workshops (originally held in 2011/12 + 2012 + 2013) delivered towards creating and/or editing Wikipedia articles as an educational assignment...but is also useful in other Wikipedia training sessions.

Before you start![edit]

  • Wikipedia:WELCOME - Welcome to Wikipedia! (let's get to know each other a little bit...)

Be sure to look at the above pages! They are very important, and they will help you — even if you're not perfect the first second tenth seventeenth 33rd time!

You can also download a very helpful PDF which contains the essential elements to help you get to know how Wikipedia works.

OR have a look at The Grande Guide to Wikipedia - an excellent alternative introduction to Wikipedia.


Creating a New Article[edit]

Editing an Existing Article[edit]

Asking for Help[edit]

Personal help on your talk page[edit]


There's also a wikitext cheatsheet you can download as a PDF.
  • Disambiguation - when a term/name refers to more than one topic covered by Wikipedia articles

Stuff you wanted to know about Wikipedia...but were afraid to ask![edit]

Deletionism and inclusionism in Wikipedia[edit]

No Original Research[edit]

Still want more?[edit]

See also: WP:PRIMER

Souping up your Smartphone editing on Wikipedia

Try one or any of these strategies:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and switch to desktop view. This opens up a lot of functionality that the mobile view lacks.
  • Double tap your touchscreen to upsize the font and readjust the margins to fit your screen.
  • Bookmark frequently visited pages.
    • To navigate to a new page, just replace the page name at the very end of the full link with the new page name.
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