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Situations which defies intuition
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Situations which defies intuition[edit]

Paradoxical laughter
List of paradoxes
Decision theory
Abilene paradox
Chainstore paradox
Exchange paradox
Kavka's toxin puzzle
Necktie paradox
Allais paradox
Arrow's impossibility theorem
Bertrand paradox (economics)
Demographic-economic paradox
Dollar auction
Downs–Thomson paradox
Easterlin paradox
Ellsberg paradox
Green paradox
Icarus paradox
Jevons paradox
Leontief paradox
Lucas paradox
Metzler paradox
Paradox of thrift
Paradox of value
Productivity paradox
St. Petersburg paradox
All horses are the same color
Barbershop paradox
Carroll's paradox
Crocodile Dilemma
Drinker paradox
Infinite regress
Lottery paradox
Paradox of entailment
Paradoxes of material implication
Raven paradox
Unexpected hanging paradox
What the Tortoise Said to Achilles
Accuracy paradox
Apportionment paradox
Banach–Tarski paradox
Berkson's paradox
Berkson's paradox
Bertrand's box paradox
Bertrand's paradox (probability)
Birthday problem
Borel–Kolmogorov paradox
Boy or Girl paradox
Burali-Forti paradox
Cantor's paradox
Coastline paradox
Cramer's paradox
Elevator paradox
False positive paradox
Gabriel's Horn
Galileo's paradox
Gambler's fallacy
Gödel's incompleteness theorems
Interesting number paradox
Kleene–Rosser paradox
Lindley's paradox
Low birth weight paradox
Missing square puzzle
Paradoxes of set theory
Parrondo's paradox
Russell's paradox
Simpson's paradox
Skolem's paradox
Smale's paradox
Thomson's lamp
Two envelopes problem
Von Neumann paradox
Bracketing paradox
Buridan's ass
Buttered cat paradox
Lombard's Paradox
Mere addition paradox
Navigation paradox
Paradox of the plankton
Temporal paradox (paleontology)
Tritone paradox
Voting paradox
Fitch's paradox of knowability
Grandfather paradox
Liberal paradox
Moore's paradox
Moravec's paradox
Newcomb's paradox
Nihilist paradox
Omnipotence paradox
Paradox of hedonism
Paradox of tolerance
Predestination paradox
Zeno's paradoxes
Algol paradox
Archimedes paradox
Aristotle's wheel paradox
Bell's spaceship paradox
Bentley's paradox
Black hole information paradox
Braess's paradox
Cool tropics paradox
D'Alembert's paradox
Denny's paradox
Ehrenfest paradox
Elevator paradox (physics)
EPR paradox
Faint young Sun paradox
Fermi paradox
Feynman sprinkler
Gibbs paradox
Hardy's paradox
Irresistible force paradox
Ladder paradox
Loschmidt's paradox
Mpemba effect
Olbers' paradox
Ontological paradox
Painlevé paradox
Physical paradox
Quantum pseudo-telepathy
Schrödinger's cat
Supplee's paradox
Tea leaf paradox
Thermodynamic paradox
Twin paradox
Barber paradox
Berry paradox
Epimenides paradox
Exception paradox
Grelling–Nelson paradox
Intentionally blank page
Liar paradox
Opposite Day
Paradox of the Court
Quine's paradox
Richard's paradox
Socratic paradox
Yablo's paradox
Absence paradox
Bonini's paradox
Code-Talker Paradox
Ship of Theseus