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Who I am[edit]

Greetings to my fellows! I am Twilight. I am an avid Pinball player and Pagan-Jew. I am in college currently at Kaplan University ICM I am learning to edit properly, So this page is definitely a work in progress as I learn so I can help elsewhere.


I am a 16 year member of the Ár nDraíocht Féin, and a Druidic pagan/Jew.


This user identifies as polyamorous.

Yes, I am Poly. I believe that love takes on many forms and that the love I share with each partner only magnifies the love given to the others. It is an infinite resource.


I LOVE Pinball. I play in local leagues when I am able, and attend expos when there is time to travel.


Triskelion points black.png This user is into BDSM.

I am a Switch, with a slaves soul. What this means is that I am a slave to most of my partners however I have Dominant tendencies when the situation is right. I am pleased to admit that I am very into ageplay and have a Daddy. I am also a sadist and enjoy inflicting pain on those who desire it.


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