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Ukdan999 (born June 24, 1979 in Solihull, England) is just another wikipedian...

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My top 5 movies[edit]

My top 20 favourite footballers (all-time)[edit]

Marco van Basten[edit]

Simply the greatest striker of all-time. Pure goal-scoring power. He used to toy with defenders to the point where it was almost embarrassing to watch. A master of the volley and a natural finisher with explosive pace. The perfect centre forward. Also scorer of the greatest volley of all-time, during the 1988 European Championship Final against the USSR.

Diego Maradona[edit]

Certainly not in the top 20 lists for Best Looking, Slimmest, Most Likeable or Best Rollmodel, but undeniably, the best all-round playmaker EVER. Bar none. Against England in the World Cup of 1986 he was responsible for one of the most sickening (and blatant) acts of cheating in football history, but also just minutes later for the greatest goal ever scored. As much as I hate this man, I cannot help but love his amazing skill and aility.

Zvonimir Boban[edit]

Not the most famous footballer ever, but one of my favourites, mainly for the way he played the game. A playmaker with superb skill and a very clever footballing brain. And you've gotta love that beard!

Marco Simone[edit]

A little known AC Milan reserve striker of the van Basten era. If he had played for another team during his peak he would have been much more famous. His major skill was the ability to improvise. A flamboyant player who scored magnificent goals.

Andrei Shevchenko[edit]

The man seen by many as the new van Basten. Has won several trophies for AC Milan and in 2006 will go to the World Cup for the first time. The most natural finisher of his generation. A goal machine.

Paolo Maldini[edit]

Greatest defender of his genertaion, if not ever. Has played over 500 games for Milan in his 20+ years there. Some comfortable on the ball and so good at his defensive job.

Andrei Kanchelskis[edit]

Russian winger who loved to run at players more than anyone else I've seen. Full of pace, loved to cut inside ad score his trademark goal at the near post.

George Weah[edit]

Came out of nowhere quite late on in his career. Some of the silkiest skills ever seen from an African player. A great goalscorer AND a scorer of great goals (Verona, from his own penalty spot, anyone!).

Gabriel Batistuta[edit]

Another typically dirty Argentine, but an amazingly powerful player. Tried to rip the net off its frame with every goal he scored. Another goal machine for the list.

Alan Shearer[edit]

The best English stiker since Lineker. Physically very strong with a devestatingly powerful shot. Very similar to Batistuta in his ability to break right through the wall with his free-kicks.

Ruud Gullit[edit]

Probably the best all-round footballer of his time. Could play at centre back or centre forward and sometime in midfield. Love to head goals with his outrageously dreadlocked bonce. A true footy icon.

Jean-Pierre Papin[edit]

Deadly French hitman, probably the best out-and-out striker his country has ever had.

Paul Gascoigne[edit]

Gazza. Legend. Enough said.

Claudio Caniggia[edit]

Superbly flamboyant and skillful, scored superb indiviual goals and was great at supplying others. And somehow managed to do this while scoffing half the world nose-candy supplies. Also great and winding up opponents and ever better at getting absolutely SPLATTERED by three Cameroonians in the 1990 world cup. Genius.

Lothar Matthäus[edit]

Powerful forward with a sledgehammer shot. Another passionate and explosive player for the list.


Didn't acheive a great deal. Had a touch of genius about him, and unfortunately a huge great dollop of insanity! Nicknamed The Animal for his crazy temper. Think Eric Cantona x10.


The Brazilian Maradona? Possibly. Superbly skillful, amazing close control, loved to scored great individual goals.

Franco Baresi[edit]

Truly legendary defender. Was alomst a whole back four in himself. Could read the game about half an hour in advance.

Stuart Pearce[edit]

If football was just about pure passion, aggression and immense physical presence, then this man would have won World Player of the Year for every year of his career. Simple as that. The definitive cult hero.

Dennis Bergkamp[edit]

Scores goals I would even believe were possible unless this man had shown me otherwise. Awesome control and, most impressively, has the ability to do things no other player would even think of trying. Seems like every time he scores, you sit back and think "did he really just do that?"

My top 10 favourite footballers (current)[edit]

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