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Why I joined Wikipedia?[edit]

First of all, I did not join due to recent reports about the lack of contributing women and academics, though I am a member of both "minorities". The primary reason for getting an account now is that while searching for overview information about the topics mentioned below I discovered lacks of structure and linking. For minor typos I never felt the need to actually get an account, but for these topics since I figured there's more work still needed. So far I have only added some links between the related articles, corrected some typos and added some structure where needed. But I plan to expand the articles and therefore considered getting an account. As a result: Here I am, a female with a master's degree, soon to be PhD and therefore adding diversity to the community - I could make a rap song out of this ;-).

Topics of Interest[edit]

  • Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Learning Analytics
  • Educational Data Mining
  • Computer-supported collaborative learning

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