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I'm mordecai; I go by vagabondsun on pretty much every other relevant platform too. Yes, it's important to me that both my name and username are spelled in lowercase in all contexts. You can use it/its and he/him pronouns for me. Veuillez utiliser des pronoms il ou ol en français, s'il vous plait. I'm a native Scot, who, like most Scots, can't actually speak Scots that well. I'm working on it, and maybe you'll see me on the Scots Wikipedia too eventually. Je voudrais ameliorer ma français suffisamment pour pouvoir contribuer éventuellement à Wikipédia en français aussi. mi lon lipu Wikipesija kin. ni li lipu sona ante sama lipu Wikipedia, kepeken toki pona. ni la, nimi mi li Sunotawa.

My favourite Wikipedia articles are List of video games in the Museum of Modern Art and Overview effect. I format my edit summaries like git commit messages because I am, unfortunately, a git user. I also manage a community for wiki editors on Pillowfort!

You can find out more about me at my personal website here.

Here's a page full of quick links to WikiProjects and other pages I access frequently.


(Check out the userboxes I've made myself here.)

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EDSThis user has Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.
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