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Just a little intro[edit]

Sit around the fire and grab some toad treats while you're at it. So anyway, I'm just an average teenager making this community a little better everytime with the contributions I make, no matter how big or small. I totally love music, and going to concerts would be my favourite hobby now, if I have the money that is. I'm also in a band, called Audial Imagery, showing my chops on the drums... keep an eye out for us in 5-10 years. Enjoying music, I enjoy other creative roots like art. My favourite artists would have to be Salvidor Dali and Andy Warhol. You also might find me around the net... if you know how to find me. Any kind of contact, there's always the talk page and my email.

Here are my contributions, too.

OMGz liek woaw, commonz![edit]

Okay, yeah so we all have something in common here... there's a little bit of Wikipedia in all of us. I love reading the articles on here. I visit everyday (well almost) and I'm curious to understand what I don't understand. I'll edit whatever I think could be improved that's also in my knowledge. I'm pretty much a beginner, so please, don't abuse me. My insults are way better anyway.

Now for a little break from text, here's a table to amuse you all:

How to discipline children[edit]

So 5 mins ago In Future trend
Spanking Using lasers Using a bulldozer

OMGz liek woaw, commonz! Part II[edit]

Well apart from having Wikipedia in common, I'm pretty sure I would affect someone directly or indirectly by making a favourites list or something. I'm not too good with lists, and this is from the top of my head, so there still may be stuff missing, but here we go:




I'm more of a magazine and comics reader, but I do enjoy the occasional biography.


  • "Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • "Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda
  • "It's a wonder you're still alive. [Pushing past Chewbacca] Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?" - Princess Leia
  • " Into the garbage chute, flyboy." - Princess Leia

Just a little goodbye...[edit]

Well, I hope you had fun knowing a little about me, and enjoy Wikipedia! You would be surprised at what you would find. Because I certainly have been caught off guard.