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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.
Jordan L.
First appearance October 9, 1989
Occupation Writer, Student, and part-time Sears employee
Real name Jordon Lowndes
Place of origin New Jersey

Articles to Watch For[edit]

Here are articles that I'm keeping track of, whether I edit them regularly or not.

Personal Notes[edit]

I wish I could have a Wikipedia article entitled with my name on it. Perhaps I'll achieve that, someday. I mean, why do Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Ladin deserve the honor of a Wikipedia article but not I?

Bah, at least my friends and church consider me notable. :uP

Alternate Usernames[edit]

Personally, I tend to have different accounts for different computers, so thus I link to my other ones here.


This is used for my Play Station Portable.


This is used for my Mother's laptop.

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