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Education: Mathematics BSc, University of Warwick
Occupation: Simulation Consultant
Location: UK

My Contributions[edit]

Many of my contributions are gnome-like. I like looking at the history of articles and seeing how they changed over time, which lead me to the idea of DiffDeck, which I presented at WikiConference UK 2012.

I sometimes use semi-automated anti-vandal tools, especially STiki. I have written a user essay called Deny automated recognition, about one way that these tools could be improved.

I gave some feedback on new articles, before that system was abandoned due to overwhelming backlog. I have an enormous respect for the people who kept going with it and hope the help desk can be just as good. I think the proposed trial of requiring users to be autoconfirmed before they can create an article was an interesting idea but the foundation is looking at revamping the summary of new pages instead. I watch this with interest.

I helped quite a bit with the essay giving advice on using Wikipedia for mathematics self-study

I got quite involved in the pending changes trial, including helping to compile a list summarising peoples' comments. Of course, after that there was no consensus on what to do with PC, even in the short term. When a new, multi-phase RfC was started on the subject I got involved with bits, including writing most of the summary, which is what is now seen on that page.

My contributions across various Wikimedia projects include uploads to Commons and a few minor tweaks on the French-language Wikipedia.

Pages I like[edit]

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement can help you to disagree in a more agreeable way.
Image created by a Wikipedian, based on an essay by Paul Graham
Wikipe-tan trifecta sign.pngRemain neutralDon't be a dickIgnore all rules

Articles that could inform policy[edit]

The following articles could inform policy but they are all of a lowish quality. If they could all be brought up to WP:Good article standards I think that would really help the Wikipedia project.

If someone wants to stick something else on this list... please... be my guest.

Article Policy Current rating
Opinion WP:NPOV Start
Primary sources WP:PSTS Start
Secondary sources WP:PSTS Not rated
Tertiary sources WP:PSTS Start

Conflict of interest[edit]

I have an (unpaid) association with Bright Club. I started the article on the subject and have made a number of edits to it, always trying to keep it neutral and well-sourced. My aim in my edits is always to put the interest of the encyclopedia first. Of course, if anyone has a reasonable disagreement with any edits I have made to it I will be happy to discuss it with them.