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My name is Yuriy Lapitskiy. I'm from Russia. Born - March 25, 1983 (many happy returns are always welcome :). Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in Feb. 2006 with a bachelor in computer science ("computing machines, complexes, systems and networks", 5 1/2 years of studying). Graduated from the same institute in June 2006 with a bachelor in management (social manager). Currently work as the math engineer in Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design "NIIP" in Zhukovskiy city of Moscow region since 2002.

See also[edit]

Wikipe-tan in black.png

Username key: Brisk :)

You're welcome to visit my website

Yuriy Lapitskiy's homepage

I contribute to other Wiki(*) and Interwiki projects:

Temporary worklist: User:Yuriybrisk/1

My contribution to English Wikipedia[edit]

Tomilino • Filezilla server • Geant (disambiguation) • Guy Illich Severin • Kraskovo • OS2000 • Victor Dorkin • Alexey Pleshakov • Dmitri Bilenkin • NIIP

Translated: Computerra • Malakhovka • Dzerzhinskiy city

I dedicate my main edit #3515 made on February 7, 2008 to the memory of Guy Severin, the honorary citizen of Tomilino.

As of July 19, 2007 I have 7000+ edits total (5500+ main)

My photos in Wikipedia[edit]


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