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  • This user is relatively new and does not edit a whole lot.
  • This user originally intended to edit articles on various technical subject areas; however, until that seems less like work that is still a goal only.
  • This user does not archive (he deletes) because: (a) he can't be bothered learning how to do so and (b) seriously, like anything on this page is important enough to do so. So if you want, try 'history'.
  • This user does not like comments/discussion on his page that are appropriate to an article's talk page. REALLY!
  • This user does, however, appreciate appropriate, friendly, and/or amusing asides concerning ongoing article talk page discussions.
  • On unfriendly comments:
    • warnings or (OMG) block notices by admins will usually be left here for a decorous period of time before being deleted;
    • warnings by self appointed keepers of the truth will be deep sixed quite rapidly.
      • some admins (and god help us now arbcomms) are such self appointed keepers of the truth so I might just delete them too.


This post is left because I find it occasionally helpful and as an example of what rarely happens: a helpful post from a collegial editor.

Thank you for your interest in references :). You can find an example of a number of different techniques at the article Ketamine where I have just reworked them. When using shortened footnotes inside ref tags I use {{harvnb|...|...}} because {{sfn|...|...}} won't work. Blah... If you have questions or want help on refs anytime, post to my talk page. Yours in detail oriented reference formatting. - - MrBill3 (talk) 18:25, 2 August 2014 (UTC)