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Stacey Elise Smithley is a well recognized actress known by the fact that her on stage eccentric characters are often more mainstream than her real persona. Followed by a sect of people with single digit I.Q. levels, Smithley has become the leader of a growing cliche that represents the natural effects of parental overprotection, dysfunctional families, and a certain White guilt on society.


Stacey was born in 1988 to an already oxymoronic marriage composed by a free spirit woman and a creature who she recalls as her "father." Overshadowed by the birth of her more attractive younger sister, April, Stacey relied on her hyperbolic comments and gestures to attract the attention of adults and other children alike.

Education at a Christian elementary school provided Stacey with the typical religious hypocrisy which later would become part of her own character. Following a stint as the quiet blond from middle school, Smithley became one of the debutants of drama for the class of 2006.

It was during this period when she became the leader of a gang of geeks and freaks that would compose such clubs as: Harry Potter club, Go club, and the intellectual powerhouse known as the Anime club.

Stacey realized the true potential of her personality when her current boyfriend, Allen Palmatier, turned bisexual as a response to her treatment and commentaries. Also, she met a Maria Balilo in this same period of time. Their relationship, a well of experiences for the next-to-be-writer of online poems, is often characterized as a Thelma and Louis relationship that involved daring adventures such as buying condoms and trying to get fake IDs.

Yet, by this point the facade of Stacey was starting to break with her own persona. In order to calm her own frustration she resorted to sabotage the romance between her sister and Francisco, and began to enjoy the masochist commentaries of Christian Rocha.

Stacey currently dates a Jesus-looking-guy, which is considered a reference to her elementary school teaching.

Social effects[edit]

Many critics have noticed that Stacey represents the current state of American Society. Stacey after all comes from the archetypical family: divorced, white, and religious when it feels like being religious. Her constant mood changes and cookie cutter exterior seem to reflect those of many other teenagers out there: lolitas, wannabe punks, and failed American Idol contestants.