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Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your username and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and ask your question there. Again, welcome! Gman124 talk 20:38, 7 July 2008 (UTC)


This one goes only to the articles of gold medalists. Romania won bronze, thus removing. Cheers. --Tone 08:25, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for your message. But I do not see your point: the banner just shows which country won the gold medal. On the banner it is written China 2008 so nobody is claming that Romania won. I just looked at the description of the banner. The rule that you applied to delete the banner is not listed. Where did you get the list of rules? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Lulubon (talkcontribs) 08:35, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

This is not the purpose of the banner, it just lists the gold medal winners and it is supposed to be only on their articles in order to navigate. I don't see any reason why to have this banner in other articles then. There already is a link to the competition in the medal infobox for those interested in other medalists. --Tone 08:42, 14 August 2008 (UTC)
Thanks again. Please if possible send me a link with the list of rules of when to use this banner or other banners. There are many pages of gymnasts which have this banner without having been olympic champions. (Including an old one made by myself). I agree with respecting "the rules" and with having consistency in editing new pages but I would like to know which are these rules. Moreover it will save you the truble of "undoing" and editing the mistakes of other people.

I can assure you that my interest is in having good quality wiki articles.

I don't know if there is an actual rule on this banner. However, the logic behind the boxes is that they make the navigation between items that appear in the box easier. So you see, an article about a sportsperson who won bronze does not have much to do with the list of gold medalists in this discipline. If there are banners on pages of gymnasts which have this banner without having been olympic champions, it is reasonable to remove them (could you point out some maybe?) And don't forget to sign your comments on talkpages, you do this with a button on the top of the editorial window. Good luck :-) --Tone 09:00, 14 August 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I get your point but I still think that the fact that the whole list of medalists is only one click away (medal box) is a good reason not to have the template as well. Look at it from the other side. What if someone looks at the list of the articles that have this banner and thinks that it appears only on winners pages. In that case, this can be misleading. Anyway, we can ask for more opinions at the Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics pages, by the way, I invite you to join the project. --Tone 09:30, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

Romanian Gymnastics articles[edit]

Your edits or discussions show that you may be interested in the new Gymnastics Wikiproject. Please join and help to start this new wikiproject. We need lots of members and lots of help. Wikiproject Gymnastics also contains the related sports of power tumbling, and trampolining. ratarsed (talk) 19:16, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

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Cut & paste move[edit]

Information.svg Hi, and thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. It appears that you recently tried to give Simona Pauca a different title by copying its content and pasting it into another page with a different name. This is known as a "cut and paste move", and it is considered undesirable because it splits the page history which is needed for attribution and various other purposes. Instead, the software used by Wikipedia has a feature that allows pages to be moved to a new title together with their edit history.

In most cases, you should be able to move an article yourself using the "Move" tab at the top of the page. This both preserves the page history intact and automatically creates a redirect from the old title to the new. If you cannot perform a particular page move yourself this way (e.g. because a page already exists at the target title), please follow the instructions at requested moves to have it moved by someone else. Also, if there are any other articles that you moved by copying and pasting, even if it was a long time ago, please list them at Wikipedia:Cut and paste move repair holding pen. Thank you. --DAJF (talk) 13:33, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

Moving Simona Pauca article[edit]

Hi. If you think the Simona Pauca should be renamed or moved to Simona Păucă, then you will need to submit a request at Wikipedia:Requested moves. Note that the English reference source cited gives the name as "Simona Pauca", so you should think carefully about whether the article really should be moved. Thanks. --DAJF (talk) 13:49, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

Hi, thank you for your comments. I submitted the request at Wikipedia:Requested moves. Thanks for pointing out my mistake with the cut and paste move.--Lulubon (talk) 14:44, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

Re: Elena Leusteanu[edit]

Hey there! Thanks so much for your comments on the Leusteanu article that I co-created. I am a big fan of Romanian Gymnastics, and as soon as I found out about her death, I had to create the article for her. Somebody else had actually already created one, but it was a tiny little stub with no information, plus the name was spelled wrong, so I created a new article and wrote all the text myself.

"Buttressed" in this sense means that yes, she played a supporting role (although she was still the 2nd strongest gymnast on the 1960 Olympic Team). When somebody is a leader on a team, their other teammates are sometimes said to "buttress" or support them. That is what I meant. Most people whose native language is English should be able to understand that I'm referring to a team that had more than 2 people. But to a non-native speaker, maybe this is not very clear. But other language versions of Leusteanu's biography on Wikipedia can be worded in different ways.  :)

Noroc, Miloluvr (talk) 19:59, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

By the way...THANK YOU (Multsumesc) for the edits you made the article - especially the introductory paragraph. That really helps to better describe her importance.

Noroc, Miloluvr (talk) 20:06, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

My pleasure! - Biruitorul Talk 13:52, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

Gymnastics Notability[edit]

I noticed that you are an active member of the wikipedia gymnastics project and wondered if you could comment on the gymnastics notability guidelines being proposed at WP:NSPORT. Note that satisfying any of these guidelines would lead to notability, but those who do not satisfy them could still be deemed notable if they satisfy WP:GNG. --MATThematical (talk) 21:41, 9 May 2010 (UTC)


Nu vrei sa contribui si pe Wikipedia romana la gimnaste :)?Ionutzmovie (talk) 17:26, 26 October 2010 (UTC)

Nu-i nimic, oricum eu ma ocup mai mult de fotbal pe wikipedia romana. Pacat ca noi nu avem articole despre multe gimnaste, d'apoi informatii :). Ma bucur ca am gasit pe cineva binevoitor care a schimbat licenta pe flickr la imaginea din articolul Catalina Ponor, era pacat sa nu aiba una. Numai cu imagini m-am ocupat de gimnaste, dar vad cand am timp si de articole. Nici macar Ana Porgras nu era creat, a trebuit sa-l adaug eu la Proiectul săptămânii. Daca totusi ai timp, te invit sa mai scrii si pe (chiar daca in engleza gimnastele sunt mult mai mediatizate).Ionutzmovie (talk) 18:59, 16 November 2010 (UTC)


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If you have any questions about the permission, don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, happy editing! Acalamari 21:35, 24 January 2011 (UTC)


Eşti invitat(ă) la Proiectul de chimie de pe [1]! --Alex17nico (talk) 00:08, 31 December 2011 (UTC)

WikiProject Romania[edit]

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Hi! From your edits, it looks like you might be interested in contributing to WikiProject Romania. It is a project aimed at organizing and improving the quality and accuracy of articles related to Romania. Thanks and best regards!

--Codrin.B (talk) 04:23, 21 January 2012 (UTC)

Review request[edit]

I would like to have this draft done before the 2012 Summer Olympics, can you please come by and check it out and make the necessary changes? Thank you very much for answering. Osplace 03:43, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

ArbCom elections are now open![edit]

You appear to be eligible to vote in the current Arbitration Committee election. The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to enact binding solutions for disputes between editors, primarily related to serious behavioural issues that the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the ability to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail. If you wish to participate, you are welcome to review the candidates' statements and submit your choices on the voting page. For the Election committee, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 13:55, 24 November 2015 (UTC)