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Sunday June 23: Wiki Loves Pride @ Metropolitan Museum of Art[edit]

June 23, 12:30pm: Wiki Loves Pride @ Metropolitan Museum of Art
The MET.jpg
Wikimedia New York City logo.svg

You are invited to join the Wikimedia NYC community for Wiki Loves Pride @ Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side. Togethe, we'll create new and expand existing Wikipedia articles on LGBT artists and artworks with LGBT themes in the Met collection!

With refreshments, and a special museum tour in the afternoon!

And there will be a wiki-cake!

Open to everyone at all levels of experience, wiki instructional workshop and one-on-one support will be provided.

See also the global Wiki Loves Pride photo contest, as well as the Met's online LGBT Art Writing Contest, and also the LGBT Health Writing Contest.

12:30pm - 4:30 pm at Uris Center for Education, Metropolitan Museum of Art (81st Street entrance) at 1000 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
(note this is just south of the main entrance)

This is the fifth annual Wiki Loves Pride edit-a-thon supported by Wikimedia NYC! Newcomers are very welcome! Bring your friends and colleagues! --Wikimedia New York City Team 16:32, 22 June 2019 (UTC)

Stay tuned for details on next event!
Sunday July 14: Great American Wiknic @ Roosevelt Island

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AfD Pareshaan Parinda[edit]

Hello RoySmith, Thank you for reviewing Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Pareshaan Parinda, but I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision for a couple of reasons. The first and only keep !vote was added by the article creator whose sole claim was that the article has some reliable sources, there is no question about the reliability of the sources, but none of those sources provides "significant coverage" for the film as required by WP:NFP. The first source is a listing and rest of them are about the lead actress, not the film. Also, The film was released in March 2018, but there is no evidence to satisfy WP:NFO so would you mind giving it another look? Thank you. GSS (talk|c|em) 02:14, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

I really wish more people had participated in the discussion. With only three people, even after multiple relists, however, it's hard to get a coherent read. Given what I had to work with, I really can't see that any consensus has emerged here. I recognize that's not very satisfying, but it's the best I can do. -- RoySmith (talk) 02:24, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
I guess this can be relisted for the last time or at least draftify since the film is clearly not notable and sources are just passing mentions. GSS (talk|c|em) 02:43, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
I'm sorry, we don't do third relists. -- RoySmith (talk) 10:05, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
I think we do sometimes per WP:RELIST. GSS (talk|c|em) 10:16, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
I know you disagree with my decision, but I think I made the right call. If you wish, you can ask for a review at WP:DRV. -- RoySmith (talk) 10:53, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
Done, Wikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2019 June 23. Thank you. GSS (talk|c|em) 15:42, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
Thank you for your time RoySmith, and sorry for any misunderstanding. 👊 GSS (talk|c|em) 10:37, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

Draft:DSV Limiting Factor[edit]

Hello, when you get a moment would you review this page again? Draft:DSV Limiting Factor. The specifications section has been removed (information is now uniquely in infobox) per your feedback, and additional sources and rewritten sections have been completed. Thanks, Naadobea1776 (talk) 16:31, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

I prefer to review any given draft once, and then leave it to other reviewers. It's good to get multiple points of view. -- RoySmith (talk) 22:43, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-26[edit]

17:29, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

Jim Masterson Page[edit]

I was trying to create a page about Jim Masterson and it had been deleted. This is my first time trying to contribute to wikipedia, so I am learning the proper protocol for uploading. I do have permission from the photographers to use those images and I believe I understand the correct way to upload now. I will try to upload correctly this time. Thank you

You're talking about User:KylaHeaton/sandbox, right? There's multiple issues here. One, as you point out, is a copyright issue with File:(1) 1 MG 4570 6937 Jim.jpg. You might want to ask at Wikipedia:Media copyright questions about the proper way to convey copyright to the Wikimedia Foundation. But, beyond that, the text of the page also had extensive copying from, for example,, which is what I was looking at when I deleted it. And, beyond all that, you clearly have some connection to the subject, so please see WP:COI for all the issues regarding conflicts of interest. -- RoySmith (talk) 21:43, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

Can you please unprotect MotoGP 19 for me please?[edit]

I won't move that page anymore, I promise. 99721829Max (talk) 02:02, 29 June 2019 (UTC)

It can get unprotected when your draft is approved. -- RoySmith (talk) 02:07, 29 June 2019 (UTC)

Scenic Eclipse[edit]

This page seems to have deleted by yourself previous. I was going to create a page for this FYI. I will create a draft

@Longrunsthefox: I'm afraid I don't know which page you're talking about. I'm not seeing any page with a name similar to that which you've edited or which I've deleted. -- RoySmith (talk) 15:27, 1 July 2019 (UTC)

---@RoySmith: This page - said you deleted it previously - --Longrunsthefox (talk) 15:45, 1 July 2019 (UTC)

---@RoySmith: In reference to this, I will proceed with creation of article for Draft:Scenic_Eclipse. Can you please close Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Longrunsthefox given that it has been raised in error. Thanks


There is an on-going discussion at Wikipedia talk:Articles for deletion#Alternatives to deletion in which you may be interested. Otr500 (talk) 11:44, 29 June 2019 (UTC)

AfC notification: Draft:Mitoquinol Mesylate has a new comment[edit]

Just replying to your comment: I decided to change the name to the chemical ingredient instead of the brand name. I wrote what is included in the sandbox — Preceding unsigned comment added by MitoPower (talkcontribs) 20:06, 30 June 2019 (UTC)

Administrators' newsletter – July 2019[edit]

News and updates for administrators from the past month (June 2019).


Administrator changes

removed 28bytesAd OrientemAnsh666BeeblebroxBoing! said ZebedeeBU Rob13Dennis BrownDeorDoRDFloquenbeam1Flyguy649Fram2GadfiumGB fanJonathunderKusmaLectonarMoinkMSGJNickOd MishehuRamaSpartazSyrthissTheDJWJBscribe
1Floquenbeam's access was removed, then restored, then removed again.
2Fram's access was removed, then restored, then removed again.

Guideline and policy news

  • In a related matter, the account throttle has been restored to six creations per day as the mitigation activity completed.

Technical news

  • The Wikimedia Foundation's Community health initiative plans to design and build a new user reporting system to make it easier for people experiencing harassment and other forms of abuse to provide accurate information to the appropriate channel for action to be taken. Community feedback is invited.


Sent by MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 21:20, 1 July 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-27[edit]

21:23, 1 July 2019 (UTC)

Sunday July 14: Annual NYC Wiki-Picnic @ Roosevelt Island[edit]

July 14, 2-7pm: Annual NYC Wiki-Picnic @ Roosevelt Island
Wiknic logo.svg
Wiknic 2017 nyc jeh.jpg
20170721 Gotham Shield NYC Aerials-221 medium.jpg

You are invited to join us at the "picnic anyone can edit" in the lovely Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island, as part of the Great American Wiknic celebrations being held across the USA. Remember it's a wiki-picnic, which means potluck.

This year the Wiknic will double as a "Strategy Salon" (more information at Wiknic page), using open space technology to address major questions facing our social movement.

2–7pm - come by any time!
Our picnicking area is at Southpoint Park, south of the tram and subway, and also just south of the Cornell Tech campus.
Look for us by the Wikipedia / Wikimedia NYC banner!

Celebrate our 13th year of wiki-picnics! We hope to see you there! Newcomers are very welcome! Bring your friends and colleagues! --Wikimedia New York City Team 21:37, 6 July 2019 (UTC)

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Tech News: 2019-28[edit]

20:12, 8 July 2019 (UTC)


This is regarding Draft:Chaudhary Fateh Singh Ji Jagatpur, I have done some edits and toned down the copy, please check them. thanking you Jayanagas (talk) 06:19, 9 July 2019 (UTC)

Regarding Thorn/Toruń[edit]

Either way could technically work, although I've yet to see a source label it by its German name. However, if you see that as the best way to link it to similar articles, I'd be perfectly fine with having every mention of the word Toruń replaced with Thorn. — Preceding unsigned comment added by DaFrenchyy (talkcontribs) 15:42, 9 July 2019 (UTC)

Articles for creation - advice[edit]

Hi RoySmith,

I just saw your message on my Talk page on the Draft:Ron Kalifa draft I submitted way back in March. Firstly, thanks for reviewing it.

You reviewed the submission as rejected, not declined - does this mean it can't be improved anymore? When I first edited the page it was definitely a mess, but looked like it could be rescued. I like going through these pages and trying to fix them but if I'm going to spend a lot of time I do try to work on ones that have actual encylopedic potential and aren't just a weird advert. I haven't found a lot of those as you can imagine ...

I tried to follow the WP:ORGIND recommendations made to the original author who seems to have disappeared - after seeing your message I reread the WP guides on this and i agree, a few sources could be deleted, but nothing can be fixed if the article is rejected. I think that the page subject does pass WP:NBIO - without trying to get into WP:OTHERSTUFF or WP:NMO arguments, this individual has been recognized as well known and influential in the payments industry in honors lists and independent news sources even if they aren't the explicit topic of the article. WP:SBEXTERNAL may also be a factor due to the relative lack of coverage of BAME figures in this industry (though they have been recognized in BAME specific lists).

Is there a way to improve the article rather than reject it? I think this is a notable stub article that will likely improve with time rather than being contrary to the whole project goals (since March anyway).

No pineapple on Pizza (talk) 16:51, 11 July 2019 (UTC)

I've responded at Wikipedia:Teahouse. And, for what it's worth, I like pineapple on pizza. Sorry. -- RoySmith (talk) 19:19, 11 July 2019 (UTC)

Request on 14:06:55, 15 July 2019 for assistance on AfC submission by Simpkin98[edit]

Simpkin98 (talk) 14:06, 15 July 2019 (UTC)


👋 I need your help with my new article! Indresimkun (talk) 14:53, 15 July 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-29[edit]

15:29, 15 July 2019 (UTC)

Editing News #1—July 2019[edit]

Read this in another languageSubscription list for this multilingual newsletter


Did you know?

Did you know that you can use the visual editor on a mobile device?

Every article has a pencil icon at the top. Tap on the pencil icon OOjs UI icon edit-ltr.svg to start editing.

Edit Cards

Toolbar with menu opened

This is what the new Edit Cards for editing links in the mobile visual editor look like. You can try the prototype here: 📲 Try Edit Cards.

Welcome back to the Editing newsletter.

Since the last newsletter, the team has released two new features for the mobile visual editor and has started developing three more. All of this work is part of the team's goal to make editing on mobile web simpler.

Before talking about the team's recent releases, we have a question for you:

Are you willing to try a new way to add and change links?

If you are interested, we would value your input! You can try this new link tool in the mobile visual editor on a separate wiki.

Follow these instructions and share your experience:

📲 Try Edit Cards.

Recent releases[edit]

The mobile visual editor is a simpler editing tool, for smartphones and tablets using the mobile site. The Editing team has recently launched two new features to improve the mobile visual editor:

  1. Section editing
    • The purpose is to help contributors focus on their edits.
    • The team studied this with an A/B test. This test showed that contributors who could use section editing were 1% more likely to publish the edits they started than people with only full-page editing.
  2. Loading overlay
    • The purpose is to smooth the transition between reading and editing.

Section editing and the new loading overlay are now available to everyone using the mobile visual editor.

New and active projects[edit]

This is a list of our most active projects. Watch these pages to learn about project updates and to share your input on new designs, prototypes and research findings.

  • Edit cards: This is a clearer way to add and edit links, citations, images, templates, etc. in articles. You can try this feature now. Go here to see how: 📲Try Edit Cards.
  • Mobile toolbar refresh: This project will learn if contributors are more successful when the editing tools are easier to recognize.
  • Mobile visual editor availability: This A/B test asks: Are newer contributors more successful if they use the mobile visual editor? We are collaborating with 20 Wikipedias to answer this question.
  • Usability improvements: This project will make the mobile visual editor easier to use.  The goal is to let contributors stay focused on editing and to feel more confident in the editing tools.

Looking ahead[edit]

  • Wikimania: Several members of the Editing Team will be attending Wikimania in August 2019. They will lead a session about mobile editing in the Community Growth space. Talk to them about how editing can be improved.
  • Talk Pages: In the coming months, the Editing Team will begin improving talk pages and communication on the wikis.

Learning more[edit]

The VisualEditor on mobile is a good place to learn more about the projects we are working on. The team wants to talk with you about anything related to editing. If you have something to say or ask, please leave a message at Talk:VisualEditor on mobile.

PPelberg (WMF) (talk) and Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 21:25, 15 July 2019 (UTC)

Workarea Commerce Platform[edit]

RoySmith, I am a different user than JakeTarma (talk · contribs) and will pursue the company page creation by following the suggestions found here:


Btillcom80 (talk) 15:51, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

Draft:Workarea Commerce Platform - Deletion[edit]

Hi Roy, Thank you for taking the time to review my article draft.

I noted the both Magento and Shopify have pages and Workarea Commerce Platform is a competitor that currently does not have a wikipedia page, I decided to make one. I recognize that citing sources is very important, so that's why Btillcom80 is helping me edit sources. I noticed that both Magento and Shopify look to have been written by people who work there, both with notes that their pages may not comply with wikipedia guidelines. There is no intention to be promotional. What are the appropriate actions to create a page for Workarea Commerce Platform? I'd be happy to remove any language that might sound promotional. I am new to wikipedia and am learning. I appreciate your feedback.

JakeTarma (talk)

Every page is evaluated on its own merits. The fact that other companies have pages isn't a factor. Please read WP:COI for some guidance. My personal policy is to simply not write about companies I'm associated with. I think that's a good policy for everybody to adopt, and urge you to do the same. -- RoySmith (talk) 16:23, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

Regarding your Block...[edit]

Hi, you recently blocked User:The_Real_Steele and I was wondering what made you decide to do that? The user in question, has not edited since December of last year and from the look of it, they were just a bit of a clueless newbie rather than something malicious to the Wiki. What are your thoughts on this? I noticed the action because they were someone I dealt with back then and I check my watchlist everyday, even though I don't edit that much any more. Thanks in advance. -=Troop=- (talk) 22:54, 19 July 2019 (UTC)

They just submitted User:The Real Steele/sandbox, which is basically their resume. Looking at their history, they've submitted this several times, in various places, and that's the only thing they've ever done. Not to mention the promotional username. -- RoySmith (talk) 22:59, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
Oh I didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing that out and keep up the good work of blocking those spammers. Best wishes! -=Troop=- (talk) 23:01, 19 July 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-30[edit]

13:07, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

From Walpola Layantha Perera[edit]

Dear Mr. Roy Smith, Thank you very much for reading my article. Today I got a message from a Wikipedia saying that my article was declined because there is another article exists under this title. But when I type Computer Reasoning it redirects me to Automated Reasoning page. I don't want to write about Automated Reasoning. I want to write about Computer Reasoning, which are two different subjects. Hence, could you please let me publish the Computer Reasoning Article? I would really appreciate if you could do so, because I am doing researches in this area, and if you could give me an opportunity, then I am planning to write much more under the Computer Reasoning title in this Wikipedia article page.

Thank you very much for your precious time and considerations.

Have a good day Mr.Roy Smith!

Respectfully, Walpola Laynatha Perera — Preceding unsigned comment added by Walpola Layantha Perera (talkcontribs) 09:09, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

I'll reply to this on the Articles for creation/Help desk. -- RoySmith (talk) 14:32, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

Request on 18:36:33, 22 July 2019 for assistance on AfC submission by Williamword[edit]

Hi -- would like further direction on Draft:GFP_Real_Estate . I drafted it using inspiration and format from Silverstein_Properties, though expanded on it with research and articles I found, including NYT articles back to 1981. Should I strip it back? Unclear where to take this, especially when you benchmark it to other NY property companies where it seems to me to be really similar. If not, then there seem to be mixed standards for what should be included. Thanks in advance.

Williamword (talk) 18:36, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

You didn't respond to my implicit query about WP:COI, so I'll be more explicit here. Are you being paid to write this article? Do you have any relationship with the subject of the article? -- RoySmith (talk) 00:00, 23 July 2019 (UTC)