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Your opinions are yours to have.[edit]


Was hearty to go through your rather nasty/provoked rebuttal to my posts earlier. Like yourself, I have been away from the website for a while as I was quite unable to balance the time out with my work at the embassy and having had joined the website to try and utilize it as a hobby, I was not quite able to find the time. Hence, the only reason why I chose to return back here was when I found a pile of e-mails in my inbox regarding some posts on my Wiki Page which had frankly been quite empty till date. Before I do a step by step analysis of your posts on my wall, I would like to point out just 3 facts which I hope you will keep at the back of your mind when you read my justifications :

Firstly, I am not writing this as a means of an argument but simply to put across my opinion. If the earlier post which I had typed out in a hurry had provoked you considerably, that was not quite my aim in doing it. Being from a relatively high caste but quite poor family in an around the area where the KK families reside, I owe a lot to their generosity towards the family which I know did partly help me out to reach where I am today in terms of financial support etc. It took me quite an effort to reach where I am today, and the family did contribute, at least a bit, to the support that I received in my journey till date. Hence, having been on a side which helped me witness the good in some of their members, I was quite provoked at how you spoke ill about the entire lineage as though you knew the character and color and physical appearance of their entire race. I shall come to those points in a bit. What I am trying to say is, I was merely reacting, much like the way you have when I mentioned about the Chirakkal lineage. Again, if I had some reason to be grateful to your particular lineage or family, I would have spoken in strongest words if I heard someone insult your family on some open forum. I hope you get what I am saying.

Secondly, as you have mentioned, my post was removed by the Admin the very next day. The FACT is, he did this because I had requested him to do it. Having been provoked by your article, and keeping in mind that you may be provoked by my harsh reaction too, I had posted on the Admin's page (you may refer back if you wish to), to remove my post from your page as I felt that it would be unfair on my part to complain about someone's provocative article about a lineage and then repeating the action of provoking the author.

Third, you keep having quite a laugh and enjoy taking digs on how my knowledge of the great KK families got me into the IAS. While you are quite amusing while you are at it and do have quite the skill at taking a dig at people, I wish to point out that you have misunderstood what my point was. Having links to the particular area where the lineage originates from (Balal Panchayat to be precise), I had to do quite an in depth research into the area and history of the places of my origin and the cultural history surrounding it for my interview (3rd stage) of the UPSC examination. This is kind of like a pre requisite when you reach that stage of the selection process. I did not say that I got through BECAUSE of my knowledge about the family, so I wish you will not take cheap digs at how I reached where I am today, without having even a slightest idea about the challenges I have faced to get here. Also, I may have mentioned earlier, I am not an IAS officer, I am with the Foreign Services (IFS). The exam is the same but the jobs are yentirel different things. I donot have any problem with you mentioning IAS over and over and I have utmost respect for those cadres, just wanted to correct the mistake.

Now, coming to your points, one by one,

(1) If you read my earlier posts, I did not say that your so called "Royal" blood flows in the KK family and I do not have any reason to believe so either. My point was that in the areas around Kannur district, it was quite known that some members of the royal family did "marry into" the Maniyani caste line and vice versa. Having one side of my family linked to the maniyani caste lineage and the maternal side to a significantly higher caste, my blood lineage too is like the case I spoke about. Now,again, my point is not that the royal blood made some person a more "higher" human being than the other, i just found it utterly funny that there are still people who believe that their caste/ lineage decides how worthy he/she is especially when the person seems to be quite educated. Now, my point is that, whatever blood may have been flowing in the Kk family, I care a damn, because all I believe in is what I make of myself and the way I am to the people around me, and that is only what I will eventually be worthy of, not anything else. Again, this is my opinion about life in general and your way of seeing people, lineages and color are your opinion to have.

My point being, just a few of the so called Yadavas became well off/ royal with time, I don't think any family was born into royalty. Even your Chirakkal family will have the legend of some individual with whose stuggles, deeds, efforts and strong character, the Chirakkal lineage came into being. Just as you hold the lineage of that individual with high esteem, every Yadava, Maniyani has the right to ignore their "dirty" past as you put it and hold themselves high. To look down on someone for what family they were born to is quite immature, especially for our educated generation, don't you think?

(2) I have no intention to argue over how much land the family owns. You may be right, I may be right from what I have heard, my point is, it is none of my business. I grew up hearing tales about how the family built their so called plantations, hence I have opinions, views and ideas about it, you have the right to have yours. I have no worry if a Malayalee Christian, MP or whoever owns more land than anyone, and it is none of my business either, I am just surprised at the hate you have against the entire "vermin", the reason behind which I have no idea.

(3) Yes, there is a hospital in Maloth with the family name run by a doctor with a name that starts with a V. I do not quite remember the name of the doctor but if I am right, she is related to the KK family through marriage. And if I remember right, she is quite a good doctor who serves the people around that area well and she had won some state award a couple of years ago for her work. This fact again, I don't quite remember right and I may be wrong. What my point is is that, here again you have called her work "trash". My problem was never with the things you say about people, what I was provoked by was how you judged an entire set of people. Here again, you have insulted a doctor who is actually from another family line just because of your hate for a so called family name which she turns out to be married into.

Having said that, this was not the hospital I am talking about. On my way to Kottancherri(beyond konnakad town) , twice over the last 3 years, I noticed a government clinic, in between Maloth and Konnakad towns. I do not know if it is still running or if any doctors as posted there, but I believe it was set by the state govt.. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

They may have swindled people, many people have done that in our beloved state, I merely disagree with the way you judge an entire lineage based on your understanding/opinion about some deed of theirs in the past. Again, i don't really care that you look really good and have been hit on by American, European girls or 16 year olds for that matter and I don't know what difference you think that would make to my life, but if you think that it gives you the right to insult people about their skin tone, caste or race, and then justify it by the fact that you may be considerably good looking, I don't see the point in trying to justify my opinion about the way in which you view the people around you. Again, like i mentioned earlier, everyone is subject to the free will to have their own opinions, I have mine. And having one side of my family belonging to a considerably higher caste, I have come across many in my family with the same attitude towards caste, race and creed like you, I just choose to ignore it.

It was good to speak to you. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not mean to provoke you. I myself personally asked the Admin to pull off my earlier post on your page, you may verify this if you want to.

Thanks again for your detailed reply. Maybe if I manage to find the time and efforts to be an active part of the wiki community, we could have meaningful discussions on the other topics based on our ideas.Vijayv1987 (talk) 14:54, 3 June 2012 (UTC)

P.S : I had to come back to read your following description and I still can't stop laughing over it

"As regards their looks, maybe it helps that we (and I mean the families I mentioned above along with the likes of the Chirakkal/Thiruvithamkur Royalties), are just inestimably better-looking. When I was in the US till recently for advanced studies, I was often asked by Iranians and Arabs whether I was one of them, as they found me that fair-complexioned and olive-skinned, and on a couple of occasions was mistaken to be even Italian/Spanish. Many have complimented me for my eyes since I was a child and especially from my teens. Of course being hit upon umpteen times by American and European girls 16 and above was the best part."

Not that I find any joke in your description or that I care a damn if you really do look like an Iranian version of George Clooney, what I find funny is that I actually expected to have a meaningful exchange of opinion with someone who considers himself to be of a higher creed than the rest of the people in his country or his state for that matter because he looks like an Iranian or an Italian and was hit on by 16 year old kids. And the funnier part is that you actually go on to use that as a justification to mock the skin tone of a race of people, whoever they may be, Kk family or whichever other "vermin" as you put it. It really is funny how we had a problem with the British being racist and grouping us with the dogs while we have individuals among us who actually assume that their skin tone and lineage make them superior to their own kind. I am sorry I provoked you earlier, not because I regret it but simply because I choose to not go on and on in the cycle of posts and replies in having an argument with you, as it would be a waste of my time. Seriously, again, that explanation of yours earlier about your interaction with the foreigners you met and about your SO CALLED experiences being hit on by foreigners, HILLARIOUS!! Vijayv1987 (talk) 19:23, 3 June 2012 (UTC)

P.P.S : I was just watching an interview of Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma of Travancore. As per your logic, being at the top of the royal lineage, shouldn't he be fair like cement? But he seems to be slightly on the darker side. I have utmost respect for him though, he is an amazing human being, but wouldn't he be classified a "blackie" compared to your extremely fair complexion. Funny! Anyways, I will not be having any further discussions with you. The more I read your earlier post, the more convinced I am that you are really not the class of people I would expect to have a meaningful discussion with. Feel free to post provocative stuff or anything about your experiences as a charming young foreigner like Malayalee. I will neither be coming back to my wiki page or posting any of my opinions that may provoke you. Vijayv1987 (talk) 19:32, 3 June 2012 (UTC)

A cup of tea for you![edit]

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November 2012[edit]

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