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May 2014[edit]

Welcome to Wikipedia. I noticed that your username, "WorldImpactMinistries", may not comply with our username policy. Please note that you may not use a username that represents the name of a company, group, organization, product, or website. Examples of usernames that are not allowed include "XYZ Company", "", and "Trammel Museum of Art". However, you are invited to use a username that contains such a name if it identifies you personally, such as "Mark at WidgetsUSA", "Jack Smith at the XY Foundation", and "WidgetFan87". Please also note that Wikipedia does not allow accounts to be shared by multiple people, and that you may not advocate for or promote any company, group, organization, product, or website, regardless of your username. Moreover, I recommend that you read our conflict of interest guideline. If you are a single individual and are willing to contribute to Wikipedia in an unbiased manner, please create a new account or request a username change that complies with our username policy. If you believe that your username does not violate our policy, please leave a note here explaining why. Thank you. NeilN talk to me 20:24, 8 May 2014 (UTC)

Welcome to Wikipedia. Because we have a policy against usernames that give the impression that the account represents a group, organization or website, I have blocked this account; please take a moment to create a new account with a username that represents only yourself as an individual and which complies with our username policy. It also appears that your account is intended to be used for the purpose of telling the world about an organization, person or cause that you consider worthwhile. Unfortunately, many good causes are not sufficiently notable for their own Wikipedia article, and all users are discouraged from editing in any area where they have an inherent conflict of interest. You may wish to consider one of these alternative outlets.

If your username does not represent a group, organization or website, you may appeal this username block by adding the text {{unblock|reason=Your reason here ~~~~}} below this notice.

You may simply create a new account, but you may prefer to change your username to one that complies with our username policy, so that your past contributions are associated with your new username. If you would prefer to change your username, you may appeal this username block by adding the text {{unblock-un|new username|reason=Your reason here ~~~~}} below this notice. Thank you.

--Orange Mike | Talk 03:18, 10 May 2014 (UTC)

Peter Youngren WikiPedia Page[edit]

Hello, WorldImpactMinistries. Thank you for your intent to release this content into public domain; however, I'm afraid that "(This section about Peter Youngren is not copyrighted by Peter Youngren or World Impact Ministries)" doesn't really do that. It simply says that you do not have copyright, not that the content has no copyright. I would recommend that you instead look at Wikipedia:Donating copyrighted materials for a potential language release. If you are content to release all rights to the material, you might wish to use language such as that suggested there, but replace the license with CC0. I would recommend that first you review to be sure this is a release you wish to make.

In terms of your dispute with the sources that we are using in the article, please let us know if the content is retracted. The purpose of Wikipedia is to reflect what reliable sources say about notable subjects, and it is our goal to ensure that we accurately reflect what these sources say. Alternatively, if you can demonstrate that any particular source does not meet the rigorous requirements of our verifiability policy (see identifying reliable sources for more information), then the material substantiated only by that source will be removed.

You are welcome to read Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Help for more information about how to address concerns you have with the article. --Moonriddengirl (talk) 21:21, 8 May 2014 (UTC)

It should be added that releasing the content into the public domain is no guarantee it will be added or even used in the article. It will treated as a WP:SELFSOURCE which has only limited use given points 1-3 in the section I linked to. --NeilN talk to me 21:47, 8 May 2014 (UTC)