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If you want to leave me a message, please use my talk page. Remember to sign your message with ~~~~. I will respond to all civil comments there, unless you specify that you would rather I respond on yours.
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What I do here[edit]

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My current primary focus on Wikipedia is addressing copyright concerns. I really enjoy article work, but don't get to write much. There's just so much mopping up to do.

I emphasize collaboration and courtesy. Working on an encyclopedia can be very stressful; Assuming good faith sometimes requires active effort, but it's worth it. Misanthropy does not make a happy Moonriddengirl. Like many people, I sometimes get tunnel vision while working. While I hope I am never rude as a result, I know that sometimes I am more businesslike than others. While occasionally adminship may also require a businesslike approach, I generally prefer to be amiable. If I have seemed unduly brusque with you, please excuse me.

I am not available in volunteer mode as often as I used to be, but am still willing to help where I can. Please feel free to drop me a note, although it may not be your quickest avenue of getting help if you catch me in a busy time. I welcome helpful talk page stalkers.

I suffer occasional migraines which may limit my participation for hours or even days at a time. Fortunately, these don't happen often, and as long as I'm able to function, I'm likely to check in, though I won't be undertaking anything complicated at those times.

I possess one other sometimes active account on Wikipedia, User:Moonriddengirl2, created for use while traveling so as not to risk compromising the log-in information of my primary account. I have also created two doppelgänger accounts, User:Moonriddengir! and User:MRG, by which abbreviated name I am often called.

Text based copyright concerns[edit]

I spend quite a bit of my Wikipedia time evaluating text-based copyright problems. I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. This is based on my understanding of the intersection of US copyright law and Wikipedia's copyright policy. If you'd like to discuss text-based copyright concerns with me or if you have a question about text copyright that is not answered here, please feel free to leave your civil message on my talk page. If I can help you, I will. If I can't, I will try to help you locate a more appropriate resource.


For specifics, see User:Moonriddengirl/Deletions.

I am not currently heavily involved in deletions aside from those related to copyright, but considering that I dedicated almost the first full year of my adminship to tool use in the speedy deletion queue, contributors might be interested in knowing more about my work there. For specifics on copyright deletions, please see above.


I am completely open to civil, good faith discussions about my admin actions. If I'm doing something wrong, I really want you to tell me, so that I can start doing it correctly. If I see you making a mistake, I'm going to point it out to you as diplomatically as I can and consider that I'm doing you a favor. So, please, do me the favor, too. Admins, if you see that I've made a mistake, please fix it. If you reverse my admin actions, I would be grateful if you'd leave me a nice note telling me what you've done and why and if you would be open to discussion with me should I disagree. (See "Grievances by users" for other steps & options for dealing with tool misuse.)

I think adminship is a job that needs to be taken seriously and used with responsibility. Admins are in a unique position to alienate other editors, if they misuse the tools. Certainly, I can't think of much that would have more discouraged me as a newcomer than being unjustly blocked or having an article unfairly deleted. This is one of the reasons why I support process. As experienced editors, we may be able to look at that article on that piece of software and just know that it cannot possibly survive AfD because it simply is not notable, but deleting it out of process can only undermine the creator's sense of trust in the community. We want them to follow procedure; we should be willing to demonstrate that we will, too.

When I evaluate adminship requests (which I don't do often, unless I see a situation where I believe my input may have value, because it can take me hours), I am looking particularly for what I perceive to be a risk of misuse of the tools in a way that might seriously harm the project. Since admins are often perceived as authorities (correctly in ways involving the tools, incorrectly in matters of ordinary content disputes), I believe that incivility is likely to cause serious harm to the project. Civility is not a suggestion; it's policy, #4 of the five pillars. (You'll remember that note above: if we want other users to follow procedure, we certainly should demonstrate that we will.) I am also highly concerned when I fear a tendency to misapply speedy deletion criteria. Speedy deletions are often unevaluated. Since content is hidden from ordinary editors, it is one of the least transparent uses of the admin tools. There is always deletion review, but new contributors in particular are unlikely to pursue that avenue. Wikipedia relies on admins to use good judgment here and to know and follow community consensus as set out at WP:CSD. I look meticulously for evidence that admin candidates do not, as this is one area where mistakes may go undiscovered and damage the project for a very long time.

What I do elsewhere[edit]

I have a wide variety of interests—including videogames, music, movies, and books. I have an advanced degree in a liberal arts field and have spent many, many hours studying languages that nobody living speaks. (In other words, I have what some describe as a high tolerance for pointless activity.) My work off wiki is nowhere near as diverse and varied as what I do here. I have loved being exposed to so many different subjects. I write fiction in my spare time and sometimes argue with my husband over control of the remote. You may occasionally find me playing Rock Band with my teenage son.

My username comes from a poem by Denise Levertov, "In Mind", but the name is significant to me on a number of metaphoric levels.

I am, in my own opinion, the queen of malapropisms and unintended puns. On Wikipedia, preview sometimes helps me catch these; often it does not. I generally notice them seconds after I've hit "save page." I suspect there are many I've never noticed. No mistake I've ever made on Wikipedia, though, has amused me more than this one. (No, not even including this. But I note that I am not only now rewarding copyvios, but evidently preparing them. I need to be stopped. Face-confused.svg)


Barnstars are a way of saying "Good work" to another editor. Appreciation can also be conveyed more informally (but just as meaningfully!) with a note. A lot of solitary hours go into building the project, and community support = a good thing. I appreciate those people who've taken the time to offer encouragement in any way. And since Barnstars are pretty, I'm displaying mine proudly here. Thanks. It's nice working with you.

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