Västra skogen metro station

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Västra skogen
Stockholm metro symbol.svg
Stockholm metro station
LocationHuvudsta, Solna
Coordinates59°20′51″N 18°0′14″E / 59.34750°N 18.00389°E / 59.34750; 18.00389Coordinates: 59°20′51″N 18°0′14″E / 59.34750°N 18.00389°E / 59.34750; 18.00389
Owned byStorstockholms Lokaltrafik
Opened31 August 1975
Preceding station   Stockholm metro   Following station
T10 line
toward Hjulsta
T11 line
toward Akalla
Västra skogen Tunnelbana.png
Västra skogen map

Västra skogen (Swedish: The Western Forest) is a station on the Blue Line of the Stockholm metro, in Huvudsta, Solna Municipality. The station was opened on 31 August 1975. It features one of the longest escalators in western Europe, 66 meters and with a vertical rise of 33 meters.[1] This part of Huvudsta was earlier called Ingentingskogen (The Nothing Forest) after a small farm called Ingenting; the name Ingenting (Nothing) was suggested as a name for the new station, but rejected.

The station has three platforms, one for trains towards Hjulsta and Akalla, and two platforms towards Kungsträdgården, to allow trains from the two branches of the line to wait in the station before the two lines merge beyond the station.



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