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VFinity, Inc.
Industry Audio/Video, Enterprise Software, Professional Services
Founded 2000, 2004
Headquarters New York City, New York, USA
Key people
Shen Tong Joe Peyronnin
Products Software
Parent Wan Net Technology, Ltd.
Website http://www.vfinity.com

VFinity is a privately held software company based in New York City. It was founded by former Chinese democracy leader Shen Tong in 2004, with a consulting and software customization company Wan Net Technology founded in 2000 as its predecessor.

VFinity creates and sells web-based enterprise systems for digital asset management. Its products are used by broadcasters, archives, educational and financial institutions in the United States and Asia to manage their multimedia assets. The VFinity platform was soft-launched during National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2006, which won recognition that launched its president Shen Tong into a Keynote Speech at NAB Super Session the following year.[1] Independent research reports have also been following VFinity's entry into various markets by Frost & Sullivan Hot Company Watch List [2] in 2007, ABI key players in World Digital Asset Management Markets [3] in 2008, and Forrester Rich Media Management Software [4] 2010.

According to these research and other trade publications in higher education,[5] information technology, archive and library science, broadcast technology, digital asset management[6] among others,[7] VFinity main value propositions and differentiation from other traditional DAM vendors are its Web2.0 approach to architecture, metadata, and user experiences. VFinity and Shen Tong promoted notions of "Context is King", search centric extreme ease of use with zero user training, folksonomy (or free tagging) combined with taxonomy (expert tagging), zero client (or Web client). VFinity platform seems to differ from traditional enterprise software especially in professional media industry in its Webby approach.

The known installed base of VFinity products include universities, cultural institutional, production and advertisement companies, film archives, national archives, and broadcasters: TriBeCa Film Festival, Beijing Olympics, Cathay Financials, National Taiwan University, Brandeis University, a PBS station producing prime time programming, Bloomberg L.P..

VFinity has offices in Manhattan, Taipei, Beijing, Boston, Sunnyvale, and Los Angeles.