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Vani Rani
Vani Rani Sun TV Serial.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Family drama
Written byDialogues by
Directed by
  • O.N Rathnam (Episodes 1-477 & 891-1447)
  • V.C Ravi (Episodes 478-493)
  • A. Ramachanthiran (Episodes 494-890)
  • R. Aravindraj (Episodes 1448-1520)
  • CJ Baskar (Episodes 1521-1743)
Creative director(s)Raadhika
Theme music composerC. Sathya
Opening theme
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil (Original Version)
Telugu (Dubbed Version)
Malayalam (Dubbed Version)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1,743
Executive producer(s)Suku Kuchappan
Producer(s)Radaan Mediaworks
  • Meenatchippatti P. Kasinathan
  • S. Rajeeva Alwin
  • P. Chella Pandiyan
  • K. Ganesh
  • K. Sathyabalan
  • B. James
  • B. Ramesh Lal
  • K. Bharath Kumar
  • M. Jayasimman
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 20–21 minutes
Production company(s)Radaan Mediaworks
Original networkSun TV
Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release21 January 2013 (2013-01-21) –
8 December 2018
Preceded byChellamay
Followed byChandrakumari
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Production website

Vani Rani is a 2013 - 2018 Indian Tamil soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 21 January 2013 to 8 December 2018 for 1,743 episodes.[1][2] The show starred Raadhika Sarathkumar, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithiveeraj, Ravikumar and Mamilla Shailaja Priya.

This show was directed by C J Baskar and produced by Radaan Mediaworks. This is longest ran serial of Radaan Mediaworks. [3][4]

Plot summary[edit]

Episode 1-166[edit]

Twin sisters Vani and Rani (Raadhika), after the loss of their parents are brought up by their paternal uncle, Manikkam (Ravikumar). Vani aspires to become a lawyer, therefore Rani sacrifices her education so that Manikkam will make Vani a lawyer. Over the years, Vani passes out as a successful Lawyer and gets married to Bhoominathan (Venu Arvind), a granite businessman, while Rani gets married to Bhoominathan's stepbrother, Swaminathan (Babloo Prithiveeraj), a popular restaurant owner. Meanwhile, Manikkam's son, Manohar (Sivaji Manohar) falls in love with Bhoominathan's sister, Jyothi (Premi Venkat) and elopes with her, where Rani is forced to marry, which causes several problems, and results in Vaani and Rani earning the wrath of both their uncle and their mother-in-law, Angayarkanni (Shanthi Williams), while Vani refuses to speak with Rani thereafter.

Episode 167-433[edit]

Over the years, Vani and Bhoominathan turn out to be very successful, while Rani and Swaminathan are not too successful since all of Swaminathan's business turn out to be failures. However, they all live together in the same house. Vani has two sons, Surya Narayanan (Arun Kumar Rajan), an unemployed and childlike lawyer and Gautham (Vignesh Kumar), the college guy,while Rani has three children, Saravanan (Maanas Chavali), Selvi (Niranjani Asok) and Thenmozhi (Neha). Problems continue to erupt in the house due to Bhoominathan's ego against his stepbrother, while the entrance of Angayarkanni, who is jealous of Vani and Rani's close relationship despite Vani's refusal to ever directly address Rani, further worsens the problems, by conspiring against them and trying to separate them. Meanwhile, Selvi falls in love and under dire circumstances,marries Rajesh (Guhan Shanmugam) with only Vani as a chance witness, causing a rift in the family, and their eventual separation, resulting in Vani and Rani to get separated. However, Bhoominathan later realises his faults, turns over a new leaf and sends his mother away and tries to get the family together.

Episode 434-1200[edit]

They get together but live in separate houses. However, problems continue to haunt them in the form of a vengeful Angayarkanni and Jyothi and Kadhir, a local don who has his vengeance against Saravanan. Gautham threatens Kadhir to leave his family alone. After many incidentes and obstacles Gautham marries Pooja to rescue Saravanan from Kadhir. Kadhir turns into a good man after Pooja's marriage. While Jyothi's daughter Poongodi (Mahalakshmi) is involved in a love triangle between Karthi (Rajkumar), and Saravanan. Selvi also faces numerous problems through her father in law, Kaali (Baboos), Alamelu and Shenbagam (Sumangali and Shreedevi), Shiva (Jai Ram) and Geetha, and later on through Kaali's daughter, Malathy (Minnal Deepa). Surya gets married to Dimple. She hates Vani and does everything against her mother-in-law. Surya and also Dimple wanted to divorce each other several times, but at the end, Vani was able to bring back them together. Gautham becomes a police man and investigates a murder that took place in a quarry which was owned by a doctor known as GP (Tarun Master). GP is also a big business magnate who controls the Indian medicine mafia activity and his son Arya (Fawaz Zayani) was a big criminal dealing in international illegal organ mafia activities. Then due to rage of Gautham killing Arya, GP vows to destroy Vaani's family and that will lead Pooja's uncle Kathir to revenge GP by mysteriously killing GP's henchmen and trying to destroy his businesses and his criminal network. GP tried killing Kathir but finally got arrested by Gautham. Saravanan gets married with Pavithra (Shruthi Shanmuga Priya).

Episode 1200 - 1743[edit]

Rivalry started between Vani and Akilandeswari (Mamilla Shailaja Priya) because of Surya's relationship with her daughter Janani (Priya) during college days. They had a daughter named Riya. Janani was murdered by Sudhakar, Akilandeswari's brother but he made Vani as the victim. So, Akilandeswari wanted to take revenge against Vani and Rani family. Meanwhile in Australia, Swaminathan had a relationship with kokila who actually died. Her jealous aunt Krishnaveni (Nalini) wanted to amuse his wealth which was given by kokila's dad, with the help of Jessy who looks like kokila. Rani saved the wealth. After a sequence of events, Thenu fell down from a hill top and lost her memories. She rescued by Chandrika (Madhuvanti Arun) and her brother. Chandrika treats her like own daughter Bhavani who died by jumping from the hill and she never wanted to give back Thenu to Rani. Akilandeswari helped her and started blackmailing Rani and forced her smuggle drugs but finally with the help of Rani and Vani, Thenu regained her memory. Then Akilandeswari and Sudhakar started a new plan with the help of Neela and Sanjay. Neela blackmails Saravanan and Surya in one way to take money from them and Sanjay takes Bhomminathan's company with the help of Sudhakar and creates a confusion between Swaminathan and Bhoominathan. Meanwhile Angayarkanni was murdered by Sanjay and made Swaminathan as the victim. Bhoominathan and Jyothi believed that Swami is the person who murdered their mother and a fight occurs between Bhoominathan and Swaminathan. After some turns of events, Sanjay plans to murder Swaminathan and Rani. At that time the evidence that Sanjay was the murder of Angayarkanni which was kept in a doll is taken away by Riya and finally the evidence reaches Swaminathan and Rani. Both of them blackmail Sanjay by telling him that they have given poison and Swaminathan brings back Bhoominathan's company to him and it is proved that Sanjay is the actual murderer. Hence, Bhoominathan and Swaminathan reunite with each other. But Akhilandeshwari tries to kill Vaani by an lorry accident. Raani comes to know about this plan and she goes in disguise of Vaani. Lorry hits Rani and she is admitted in hospital. At the climax Akiladeshwari came to know about Sudhakar being the murderer of Janani with the help of Gautham. Here ,after hearing the situation of Raani, Vani faints. After some emotional affection between the sisters,their health gets improved. Akilandeshwari gets arrested by Gautham before that she apologizes for her every mistakes to both Vani and Rani. Then the family lived happily thereafter.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

  • Raadhika as Vani Bhoominathan (Bhoominathan's wife) and Rani Swaminathan (Swaminathan's wife) (dual role)
  • Venu Arvind as Bhoominathan @ Bhoomi (Vani's husband)
  • Babloo Prithiveeraj as Swaminathan @ Swami (Rani's husband)

Male Leads[edit]

  • Arun Kumar Rajan as Surya Narayanan Bhoominathan @ Surya (Vani and Bhoominathan elder's son, Dimple's husband)
  • Vicky Krish as Gautham Krishnan Bhoominathan @ Gautham (Vani and Bhoominathan younger's son, Pooja's husband)
  • Maanas Chavali as Saravanan Swaminathan (Rani and Swaminathan elder's son, Pavithra's husband)
  • Guhan Shanmugam as Rajesh Kaaliappan (Selvi's husband)
  • Rajkumar as Karthik(Poongodi husband)

Female Leads[edit]

  • Neelima Rani as Dimple Surya Narayanan (Surya's wife)
  • Navya Swamy as Pooja Gautham Krishnan (Gautham's wife)
  • Shruthi Shanmuga Priya as Pavithra Saravanan (Saravanan's wife)
  • Niranjani Ashok as Selvi Rajesh (Rani and Swaminathan elder's daughter, Rajesh's wife)
  • Neha as Thenmozhi Swaminathan @ Thenu (Rani and Swaminathan younger's daughter)
  • Mahalakshmi as Poongodi(Karthik s wife)
  • Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Akhilandeshwari (Main Antagonist, Janani and Sandhya Mother)

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Ravikumar as Manikkam (Vani and Rani step father, Mekala and Manohar father)
  • Sivaji Manohar as Manohar Manikkam (Jyothi's husband, Manikkam son, Poongodi father)
  • Premi Venkat as Jyothi Manohar (Manohar's wife, Bhoominathan younger's sister, Poongodi mother)
  • Rajendran as Ponnambalam (Dimple's father)
  • Sri Lekha Rajendran as Alamelu Ponnambalam (Dimple's mother)
  • "Saathappan" Nandakumar as Mayilvaganam (Dimple's uncle)
  • Joker Thulasi as Point (Vani's assistant)
  • Ramachandran as Sadasivam (Pavithra's father)
  • Dharini as Mythili Sadasivam (Pavithra's mother)
  • Murali Krishnan as Aarumugam (Rajesh step brother-in-law, Malathi husband)

Past cast[edit]

  • Shanthi Williams as Angayarkanni (died in serial, Bhoominathan and Jyothi mother)
  • Sujith as Saravanan Swaminathan (Replaced by Maanas Chavali)
  • Nikhila Rao as Selvi Rajesh (Replaced by Niranjani Ashok)
  • Gayathri Shastry as Jyothi Manohar (Replaced by Jyothi Reddy)
  • Jyothi Reddy as Jyothi Manohar (Replaced by Roopa Sree)
  • Roopa Sree as Jyothi Manohar (Replaced by Premi Venkat)
  • Baboos as Kaaliappan (died in serial, Rajesh and Malathi father)
  • Sangeetha Balan as Sundari Kaaliappan (Rajesh's mother and Malathi step mother)
  • Jyothi as Malathi Aarumugam (Replaced by "Minnal" Deepa)
  • "Minnal" Deepa as Malathi Aarumugam (Arumugam's wife, Kaaliappan's daughter and Sundari step daughter)
  • Andrew Jesudoss as Kadhir (Pooja's uncle)
  • Sasikala Shree as Pushpa Kadhir (died in serial, Pooja's aunt)
  • Sudha as Sudha Karuppuswamy (died in serial, Pooja's mother)
  • Mohan as Karuppuswamy (died in serial, Pooja's father, Antagonist)
  • Kovai Desingu as Aasaan (Pooja's uncle)
  • Aravish Glitzy as Mani (Aasaan's son)
  • Raj Mithran as Balasubramaniam (Karthikeyan's father)
  • Veena Venkatesh as Mekala Balasubramaniam ( Karthikeyan's mother, Manikkam daughter)
  • Nagalakshmi as Parvatham (Balasubramaniam's sister)
  • Geetha Anjali as Azhagumayil (Parvatham's daughter, Karthikeyan second wife)
  • Kavithalaya Krishnan as Krishnan (died in serial, Teju and Mithran father, Antagonist)
  • Nathan Shyam as Mithran (Teju's brother)
  • Shamily Sukumar as Tejuswini @Teju (Mithran's sister)
  • Radha as Vijayalakshmi Krishnan (Mithran and Teju mother)
  • Sathya Sai as Sivagami
  • Suhasini as Nandini Dheenadayalan (Antagonist)
  • Prakash Rajan as Dheenadayalan (Antagonist)
  • Nalini as Krishnaveni (Antagonist)
  • Mamathi Chari as Kokila Swaminathan (died in serial) / Jessie (Antagonist) (dual role)
  • Anusha Rai as Tulasi (died in serial, Mani girlfriend)
  • Usha Elizabeth as Tulasi's mother
  • Sivakumar as Mahalingam
  • Sumangali as Alamelu Thangarasu (Kaaliappan's sister, Antagonist)
  • Mohan as Thangarasu (Shenbagam's father)
  • Sreedevi as Shenbagam (died in serial, Alamelu's daughter,Antagonist)
  • Kannayiram as Muthu
  • Jai Ram as Shiva
  • Vasu Vikram as Moorthy (died in serial, Devika's father,Bhoominathan's ex-partner)
  • Sri Vidhya Shankar as Devika's mother
  • Reshma Pasupuleti as Devika (Antagonist)
  • Krishna Kishore as Krishna
  • Nithya Ravindran as Savithri (Valli's mother)
  • Azhagu as Savithri's husband / house owner (Valli's father)
  • Nivetha as Valli (Savithri's daughter, Velu cousin)
  • Vimal Raj as Kaththi Sekar
  • Sathyajit as Kailash
  • Bharath as Velu (Naagaraj and Muthupechi son, Antagonist)
  • Veluchamy as Naagaraj (died in serial, Velu's father, Antagonist)
  • Deepa Shankar as Muthupechi Naagaraj (Velu's mother, house owner sister)
  • Mohan Sharma as Viswanathan (died in serial, Agalya father)
  • Krithika Laddu as Agalya (died in serial, Saravanan's late girlfriend)
  • Nivedhitha Pankaj as Anjali (died in serial, Agalya sister)
  • Abhishek as Mugundhan
  • Nakshathra Nagesh as Rudhra
  • Meena Kumari as Rudhra's mother
  • Muthuraman as AC Anbuchelvan
  • Madhuvanti Arun as Chandrika
  • Sai Swetha as Bhavani (Chandrika's real daughter, died in serial)
  • Bhanu Sri as Sandhya (Akhilandeshwari younger's daughter, Antagonist)
  • Priya as Janani (died in serial, Akhilandeshwari elder's daughter)
  • Vasavi as Asha
  • B. H. Tharun Kumar as GP (died in serial, Antagonist)
  • Fawaz Zayani as Arya (died in serial, Antagonist)
  • C. Ranganathan as Haneef (Bhoominathan's friend, Antagonist)


The title song was written by lyricist Pa. Vijay, composed C. Sathya sung by Sakthisree Gopalan, Dharshini and Kaushik Menon. It was remade in three different languages.


Track list
1."Oru Paravai
(ஒரு பறவை) Title Song"
Pa. VijayC. SathyaSakthisree Gopalan
Kaushik Menon
2."Collegekku Collegekku Bus Day da
(காலேஜ்க்கு காலேஜ்க்கு பஸ் டேடா)"
3."Enna Thavam Seiyenamma
(என்ன தவம் செய்யேனம்மா)"
4."Uyirukkul Oru Osai
(உயிருக்குள் ஒரு ஓசை)"
5."Pesidum Pesidum Kangale Neethano
(பேசிடும் பேசிடும் கண்களே நீதானோ )"

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2014 Sun Kudumbam Awards 2014


Best Actress Raadhika Vani and Rani Won
Best Supporting Actor Babloo Prithiveeraj Swaminathan Won
Best Supporting Actress Mahalakshmi Poongkodi Nominated
Best Brother Vicky Krish Gowtham Nominated
Best Mother Sangeetha Balan Sundari Nominated
2014 and 2018 Best Serial Vani Rani Nominated
Best Male Villain Andrew Jesudoss Kadir Nominated


  • The Hindi produced their own version of this series, which aired on &TV from 7 August 2017 on Monday to Friday at 7:00PM (IST), as Vaani Rani. The remake starred Tanvi Azmi as Vani and Rani, Sanjay Gandhi as Vani's husband, Prakash Agnihotri, and Iqbal Syed as Rani's husband, Ajay Kumar Agnihotri.[5]
  • A Bengali language remake was broadcast on Zee Bangla from 23 October 2017 on Monday to Saturday at 8:30PM (IST) as Seemarekha, produced by Surinder Films. One of the top leading ladies in the Bengali serial, Indrani Haldar, was tapped to portray Raadhika's character, Seema and Rekha (Vani and Rani).[6] This storyline some different like an original serial.

International broadcast[edit]

The series was released on 21 January 2013 on Sun TV, and also airs on Sun TV HD. The show was also broadcast on the channel's international distribution.


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