Vasaparken, Stockholm

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Statue of The Worker in Vasaparken
Location Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden
Status Open all year

Vasaparken is a park in Stockholm, Sweden, located in Vasastaden and named after the Royal Vasa Dynasty. The park lies between the two squares Odenplan and Sankt Eriksplan. South of the park lies the Sabbatsberg hospital.

Vasaparken was established in this area in 19th century and during World War I, the park was used to grow potatoes for the city.

The world-famous Swedish children’s book writer Astrid Lindgren lived in a building by the park, and Vasaparken is mentioned in many of her books, and after her death, a corner of the park was renamed in honor of Astrid Lindgren (Astrid Lindgrens terrass).

In 1917, a statue named Arbetaren (The Worker), by artist Gottfrid Larsson, was erected in the park to honor the Swedish working class. There is also a statue named Romeo and Juliet by artist Olov Thorwald Olsson.


Coordinates: 59°20′25″N 18°02′36″E / 59.34028°N 18.04333°E / 59.34028; 18.04333