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Olive oil soap is a common vegetable based soap

Vegan soap (or vegetable soap) is made from fats or oils of vegetable origin rather than from saponified tallow or other animal fats. These soaps are preferred by vegans and may be preferred by vegetarians. In addition to fats, the other main ingredient is either wood ash, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

Olive oil soaps[edit]

  • Aleppo soap, a Syrian style of soap noted for the inclusion of Laurel oil in its formulation
  • Castile soap, a wide-ranging style of soap in English-speaking countries, as originally made in the Castile region of Spain
  • Greece's Greek olive-oil soap, an often inexpensive soap
  • Marseille soap, a French style of soap
  • Nabulsi soap, a Palestinian style of soap

Other vegetable oil soaps[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Shower gel, often synthetic liquid soaps or detergents
  • Dr. Bronner's soaps, the maker of castile liquid and bar soaps in many scents and the company continued by his descendants
  • Soap substitute

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