Velyka Dobron

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Velyka Dobron
Velyka Dobron is located in Zakarpattia Oblast
Velyka Dobron
Velyka Dobron
Coordinates: 48°25′5″N 22°23′24″E / 48.41806°N 22.39000°E / 48.41806; 22.39000Coordinates: 48°25′5″N 22°23′24″E / 48.41806°N 22.39000°E / 48.41806; 22.39000
Country Ukraine Ukraine
Oblast Zakarpattia Oblast
Raion Uzhhorod Raion

Velyka Dobron[1] (Ukrainian: Велика Добронь, Hungarian: Nagydobrony) is a village in Zakarpattia Oblast (province) of western Ukraine.


The village is located around 42 km south-east of Uzhhorod, and 23 km west of Mukachevo amongst the rivulets Szernye and Latorica. Administratively, the village belongs to the Uzhhorod Raion, Zakarpattia Oblast.


It was first historical attestation occurred in 1250[2]


According to the official census from 2001, the population includes 5607 inhabitants[3] of which 90.46%[citation needed] are Hungarians.