Vertical (1967 film)

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Vertical (1967 film).jpg
Directed byStanislav Govorukhin
Boris Durov
Written bySergei Tarasov
Nikolai Rasheyev
StarringVladimir Vysotsky
Gennadi Voropayev
Larisa Luzhina
Bukhuti Zakariadze
Music bySofia Gubaidulina
Vladimir Vysotsky[1]
CinematographyAlbert Osipov
Edited byValeria Belova
Release date
Running time
73 min
CountrySoviet Union

Vertical (Russian: Вертикаль) is a 1967 Soviet sports drama film directed by Stanislav Govorukhin and Boris Durov. The film was Govorukhin's directorial debut.


The group of climbers led by an experienced Vitali Leonov went to Svaneti to conquer Mount Hor-Tau (fictional peak). Four go to the top and the bottom, in the camp, are radio operator Vladimir and physician Larisa. Volodya receives a message regarding an in-coming storm and passes it to the group, but one of the climbers hides this important information from his comrades. The climbers reach the top, but on the way back down they are caught in a snow storm. The conquerors face a difficult way back to base camp.



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