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Vice is the opposite of virtue.

Vice may also refer to:

  • VICE Media, Canadian-American digital media and broadcasting company
  • Vice, a Latin word meaning "in place of"
  • Vice (character), a character representing evil in medieval morality plays
  • Vice squeeze or the Vice, a squeeze play in contract bridge, the card game
  • Vise or vice, a screw apparatus for clamping work
  • Vice, the Hungarian name for Viţa village, Nușeni Commune, Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Romania
  • Vice (or vice-skip), an alternate term for the third in curling


  • VICE (born 1988), Dutch-German entrepreneur and artist
  • Brad Vice (born 1973), American writer
  • Vice Ganda (born 1976), Filipino actor and comedian
  • Vanilla Ice (born 1967), American rapper (called V-Ice for short)




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