Violante Manuel

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Violante Manuel
Spouse Afonso of Portugal, Lord of Portalegre
Issue See Issue
House House of Burgundy
Father Manuel of Castile
Mother Constance of Aragon
Born 1265
Died 1314
Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal
Burial Dominican monastery, Lisbon, Portugal
Religion Roman Catholicism

Violante Manuel of Castile (c. 1265 – Lisbon, 1314) was a Castilian noble, daughter of Manuel of Castile and his first wife Constance of Aragon. She was Lady of Elche, Elda, Novelda, Medellín and half of Peñafiel in her own right.

Tomb of Violante Manuel[edit]

At her death, the body of Violante Manuel was buried in the Convent of Santo Domingo, but was destroyed because of 1755 Lisbon earthquake


With her husband Afonso of Portugal, Lord of Portalegre she had five children: