Voyage to the City of the Dead

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Voyage to the City of the Dead
Voyage to the City of the Dead USA cover.jpg
Author Alan Dean Foster
Cover artist Karel Thole
Country United States
Language English
Series Humanx Commonwealth
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Del Rey Books
Publication date
July, 1984
Media type Print (paperback)
ISBN 0-345-31215-5

Voyage to the City of the Dead (1984) is a science fiction novel by American writer Alan Dean Foster.


Scientists Eitienne and Lyra Redowl come to the planet Horseye to study the entire length the immense Skar River and its spectacular river chasm, the largest in the whole Humanx Commonwealth. On Horseye there are three separate sentient species, which all have different concerns about their planet. The Mai, traders from the river delta, are prepared to help the Redowls, but had their own agenda for doing so, for it was rumoured that at the head of the river was the City of the Dead and a great treasure.

This treasure is eventually revealed to be not be material wealth, but an ancient artifact that is used to monitor the depths of space for an approaching evil.

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