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Vulpia octoflora (3990319536).jpg
Vulpia octoflora
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Pooideae
Genus: Vulpia
Type species
Vulpia myuros
(L.) C.C.Gmel.

Vulpia is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family, native to many countries around the world and naturalized in many of the nations to which it is not native. It is most common in temperate regions.[2][3][4][5][6]

Vulpia is a part of a group of species known as fescues; Vulpia is sometimes considered a subset of the main fescue genus, Festuca. Many of these fescues are considered noxious weeds in many places.[7] Vulpia myuros is a notable weed.

The genus is named for Johann Samuel Vulpius (1760-1846), a German botanist.[8]

  1. Vulpia alopecuros (Schousb.) Link - western Mediterranean, Canary Is
  2. Vulpia alpina L.Liu - Tibet
  3. Vulpia antucensis Trin. - Chile, Argentina
  4. Vulpia australis (Nees) Blom - South America
  5. Vulpia brevis Boiss. & Kotschy - eastern Mediterranean
  6. Vulpia bromoides (L.) Gray - brome fescue - Europe, Africa, Arabia; naturalized in Australia, the Americas, various islands
  7. Vulpia ciliata Dumort. - Europe, North Africa, central + southwestern Asia; introduced in Australia, New Zealand, Pennsylvania
  8. Vulpia cynosuroides (Desf.) Parl. - Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
  9. Vulpia delicatula (Lag.) Dumort. - Portugal, Spain
  10. Vulpia elliotea (Raf.) Fernald - squirreltail fescue - southeastern USA (Texas to New Jersey)
  11. Vulpia fasciculata (Forssk.) Samp. - western Europe, Mediterranean, Caucasus; introduced in Australia, South Africa
  12. Vulpia fontquerana Melderis & Stace - Spain
  13. Vulpia geniculata (L.) Link - Mediterranean, Sweden, Britain, Canary Islands, Madeira
  14. Vulpia gracilis H.Scholz - Tunisia, Libya
  15. Vulpia gypsophila (Hack.) Nyman - Spain, Sicily
  16. Vulpia ligustica (All.) Link - Mediterranean
  17. Vulpia litardiereana (Maire) A.Camus - Morocco
  18. Vulpia membranacea (L.) Dumort. - Mediterranean
  19. Vulpia microstachys (Nutt.) Munro - small fescue - western USA, British Columbia, Baja California (incl Guadalupe Island), Peru
  20. Vulpia muralis (Kunth) Nees - Mediterranean, Azores, Canary Islands, Balkans, Hungary, Saudi Arabia; introduced in Australia, scattered locales in South America
  21. Vulpia myuros (L.) C.C.Gmel. - rat-tail fescue - Africa, Eurasia; introduced in Australia, the Americas, various islands
  22. Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb. - widespread in North America; also Chile + Argentina
  23. Vulpia pectinella (Delile) Boiss. - North Africa, Middle East from Morocco to Iraq
  24. Vulpia persica (Boiss. & Buhse) Krecz. & Bobrov - Asia from Saudi Arabia to Kazakhstan
  25. Vulpia sicula (J.Presl) Link - Mediterranean
  26. Vulpia unilateralis (L.) Stace - from Britain to Morocco + Tajikistan
formerly included[1]

Numerous species once considered part of Vulpia but now regarded as better suited to other genera: Anthosachne Australopyrum Avellinia Festuca Micropyrum Vulpiella


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