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The Jeep Wagoneer is a station wagon (later described as a sport utility vehicle - SUV) marque of Jeep vehicles, with several models marketed for the 1963 to 1993 model years.

Various versions of the Wagoneer were manufactured in the US and other nations by Kaiser Motors (1962 − 1971), then American Motors (1971 − 1987), and lastly by Chrysler (1987 − 1993).

Model years[edit]

1963 – 1991: The full-size and original station wagon design

1983 − 1990: The Jeep Wagoneer model of the compact-size SUV

1993: The Jeep Wagoneer model of the mid-size SUV

Jeep Grand Wagoneer (SJ) full-size
Jeep Wagoneer (XJ) compact size
Jeep Grand Wagoneer (ZJ) mid-size