Walkabout (Babylon 5)

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Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 18
Directed byKevin Cremin
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code318
Original air dateSeptember 30, 1996
August 18, 1996 (UK)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"War Without End"
Next →
"Grey 17 Is Missing"
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Walkabout is an episode from the third season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.[1]


A Narn warship makes it to Babylon 5, and G'Kar learns from its captain, Na'Kal, that it is among a handful of other Narn vessels that escaped destruction from the Centauri war. Separately, the Vorlons have sent a new ambassador to the station to replace Kosh. However, when Sheridan and Ivanova greet him, he asks them to refer to him only as "Kosh". Later, Lyta Alexander arrives after learning of Kosh's death, but cannot learn from the staff how Kosh had died. She talks with the new Vorlon ambassador, who asks if she carries a piece of Kosh with her.

Sheridan suggests that they test the theory that telepaths may be essential to stop the Shadows. He suggests a plan to take a minimal crew on the White Star along with Lyta to wait out news of Shadow attacks, and then jump in and try their theory. He requests help from the races to wait in hyperspace to help cover them if the plan doesn't work. Delenn offers her help and G'Kar says he will talk to Na'Kal for his ship, but none of the other races offer to help. Later, however, Na'Kal refuses to offer his ship, as it is one of the few they will need to fight the Centauri. The White Star and Minbari escort depart and Garibaldi accosts G'Kar for not offering his help.

While waiting in hyperspace, Sheridan tells Lyta how he knew Kosh had died by being woken from a dream. News comes of a Shadow attack, and the White Star jumps in. Lyta initially struggles with first telepathic contact with the ship, but after Sheridan touches her, she sees visions of Kosh and soon she is able to overpower it causing it to stall. Sheridan orders a full assault of the Shadow ship, drawing energy from the jump engines to destroy it. However, with the ship destroyed, four more soon jump in. Lyta is exhausted from her first attempt, and the jump engines on the White Star are not yet ready, so the Minbari ship with its telepaths jump in stalling three of the four ships. The fourth chases down the White Star, but just then a new jump point appears and G'Kar, aboard the Narn warship, leads a fleet of the other non-aligned worlds in attacking the Shadows. The combined attack destroys the fourth ship and the fleet is able to escape without harm. As they depart, Lyta hears Kosh's voice: "Now it begins". Back on the station, Lyta meets with the new ambassador and tells him she thinks she knows who may have a part of Kosh's essence.

Separately, Dr. Franklin is on a "walkabout", which he explains to Garibaldi is a means to get away from being too involved with his work. He finds himself in a lounge bar and meets its singer, Cailyn; the two find an attraction for each other. After learning he is a doctor, she asks if he can get her some medicine which has an addictive effect, but he declines to help. After one night of sleeping together, Cailyn sneaks out with Franklin's identification. When she returns to her quarters, she collapses with a bottle of the medicine in her hands. Franklin makes sure she gets to medlab and discovers that she hadn't taken any of the medicine, but instead suffers significant pain from a terminal disease. She needed the medicine to reduce the pain. Franklin makes sure she gets the proper treatment for the limited time she has and, after seeing her perform one last time, continues on his "walkabout".

Arc significance[edit]

  • The replacement Vorlon is introduced, whose name is never revealed but is later identified by Straczynski as "Ulkesh". When asked its name by Sheridan, it replies "Kosh." When pressed, it replies "We are all Kosh." Straczynski later identified this as "more Vorlon mysticism." This Vorlon is darker and somewhat more amoral than the previous Kosh and regards humanity with more disdain than his predecessor. Kosh and Ulkesh have also appeared to Delenn years before aboard the Grey Council ship as they lived inside Dukhat's sanctum in the Babylon 5 movie "Babylon 5: In the Beginning". Ulkesh is voiced by Kosh's voice actor and has a distinctly higher voice pitch than him. Also, the "chimes" that accompany Ulkesh's speech are somewhat darker. Even Ulkesh's overall color scheme seems darker than Kosh.
  • Lyta hears Kosh's voice while Sheridan is talking to her, hinting that a piece of him might have survived inside of Sheridan.
  • It is proven that Shadow ships are vulnerable to telepaths, although it requires tremendous focus and power on the part of the telepaths to effectively jam them. Lyta was almost driven insane by the Shadow ship when she initially tried, but after learning how the Shadows killed Kosh, she angrily lashes out at the enemy vessel and manages to "trap" it inside her mind and prevent it from moving.
  • The G'Tok, the Narn warship which was granted sanctuary by Sheridan in "The Fall of Night", makes a return.
  • G'Kar manages to rally many of the non-aligned worlds into helping Sheridan.

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