Wàn Guó Gōng Bào

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A Review of the Times– Traditional Chinese: 萬國公報; Simplified Chinese: 万国公报; Pinyin: Wàn Guó Gōng Bào; Wade–Giles: Wan Kwoh Kung Pao; Literally: "The Ten Thousand Nations' Common Newspaper"

A Review of the Times was a monthly publication in China from 1868-1907. It was founded and edited by the American Methodist missionary the Reverend Young John Allen of Georgia. Its subject matter ranged from discussions on the politics of Western nation-states to the virtues and advantages of Christianity.

It attracted a wide and influential Chinese readership throughout its thirty-nine-year run from 1868 to 1907. The Qing reformer Kang Youwei once said of the publication: "I owe my conversion to reform chiefly on the writings of two missionaries, the Rev. Timothy Richard and the Rev. Dr. Young J. Allen."

The other name under which the Rev. Allen published the paper was Kiao Hwei Sing Pao (Wade–Giles romanization) from 1868-1874.