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Wapato Corrections Facility is a Multnomah County jail constructed in 2003 in the far corner of North Portland, Oregon.[1] The jail was funded in 1996 by a bond measure defined by Multnomah County Commissioners in 1996 in Resolution 96-122[2], and promoted by District Attorney Mike Schrunk and law enforcement as a response to Measure 11.

As of 2017, budget limitations have prevented the county from opening the facility and it has never housed an inmate, getting only incidental use such as for movie shoots. It has become infamous, being featured by media such as CNN's Anderson Cooper.[3][4] It was built by Hoffman Construction Company.[5]

In November 2017 Multnomah County commissioners voted to sell Wapato to a real estate developer for $10.8 million.[6] As of March 26, 2018 this sale has yet to be finalized. [7]

As of April 18, 2018 is owned by developer Jordan Schnitzer. The property was purchased for $5.0 million and has a market value of $54.4 million.[8]

Homeless shelter[edit]

In 2016 petitions were circulated to refit the facility to house the homeless[9] and later in 2016 a Multnomah County Commissioner further supported this effort.[10]


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