Warby Range State Park

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Warby Range State Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Warby Range State Park is located in Victoria
Warby Range State Park
Warby Range State Park
Nearest town or city Glenrowan
Coordinates 36°13′06″S 146°10′52″E / 36.2184°S 146.1812°E / -36.2184; 146.1812Coordinates: 36°13′06″S 146°10′52″E / 36.2184°S 146.1812°E / -36.2184; 146.1812
Established 1978
Area 114.6 km2 (44.2 sq mi)
Managing authorities Parks Victoria
Website Warby Range State Park
See also Protected areas of Victoria

Warby Range State Park was a Victorian state park just north of Glenrowan. In 2010 the park became part of the newly declared Warby-Ovens National Park.[1][2] It is 11,460 hectares (28,300 acres) in area, and named after Ben Warby, a pastoralist who settled in the area in 1844. There is one camping ground, "Whenams".


The 400 m rocky escarpments are believed to have been used by the Kelly gang as a lookout. In 2002, the park was expanded to include the state forest of Killawarra as part of a program of protecting Box-Ironbark forests.[3]


The park is part of the Warby-Chiltern Box-Ironbark Region Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance for the conservation of Box-Ironbark forest ecosystems and several species of threatened woodland birds dependent on them.[4]


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