St Boniface Missionary College, Warminster

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Theological College

St Boniface Missionary College, Warminster was an Anglican educational institution during the last third of the 19th century; and the first two thirds of the 20th.[1]

It was founded by The Rev. James Erasmus Philipps[2] as a place for young men without formal education to be trained for suitable employment, but soon widened its scope to train them specifically for missionary work. It gradually grew in size and by 1897 the foundation stone was laid for a permanent college, this being completed in 1901. It closed during both the 1st and 2nd World Wars; and was a post graduate facility for King's College, London from 1948 until its eventual closure in 1969.[3]


Coordinates: 51°12′29″N 2°11′20″W / 51.208°N 2.189°W / 51.208; -2.189