Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim song)

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Song by Antonio Carlos Jobim from the album Wave
Released 1967
Length 02:58
Writer Antonio Carlos Jobim
Producer Creed Taylor
Wave track listing
"The Red Blouse"

"Wave" (also known as "Vou Te Contar" in Portuguese) is a bossa nova song written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Recorded as an instrumental on his 1967 album of the same name, its English lyrics were written by Jobim himself later that year.

The English lyrics were used on the November 11, 1969 recording by Frank Sinatra, on his 1970 album Sinatra & Company.[1] On this recording, Sinatra sang his lowest note, a low E.[2]

The song was voted by the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone to be the 73rd greatest Brazilian song.[3]

Notable recordings[edit]


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