Wawa Dam

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Wawa Dam
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Wawa Dam
Wawa Dam is located in Philippines
Wawa Dam
Montalban Rodriguez Rizal
Country Philippines
Location Montalban Gorge, Rodriguez, Rizal
Coordinates 14°43′40″N 121°11′30″E / 14.72778°N 121.19167°E / 14.72778; 121.19167Coordinates: 14°43′40″N 121°11′30″E / 14.72778°N 121.19167°E / 14.72778; 121.19167
Purpose Water supply (original)
Recreation (current)
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch-gravity dam
Impounds Marikina River
Length 280 feet (85 m)
Spillways One
Spillway type Ogee crest

Wawa Dam (also known as Montalban Dam)[1] is a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River in the municipality of Rodriguez in Rizal province, Philippines.[2] The slightly arched dam is situated in the 360-metre (1,180 ft) high Montalban Gorge or Wawa Gorge,[3] a water gap in the Sierra Madre Mountains, east of Manila. It was built in 1909 during the American colonial era to provide the water needs for Manila.[4][5] It used to be the only source of water for Manila until Angat Dam was built and Wawa was abandoned. Due to insufficiency of water supply for Metro Manila, there was a strong clamor to reuse the dam.[6]

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