Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System

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Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System
Pangasiwaan ng Tubig at Alkantarilya sa Kalakhang Maynila
Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS , NAWASA).svg
Agency overview
Formed June 19, 1971; 47 years ago (1971-06-19)
Headquarters Katipunan Avenue, Balara, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Agency executive
  • Franklin de Monteverde, Chairman
Parent department Department of Public Works and Highways
Zones of Metro Manila allocated to Maynilad Water (red) and Manila Water (blue)

Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System is the government agency that is in charge of water privatization in Metro Manila in the Philippines.[1] It split the water concession into an east and a west concession with Manila Water being award one contract and Maynilad Water Services being awarded the other.


The first water system in the Philippines was initiated the Spanish Philanthropist, Francisco Carriedo y Peredo Carriedo Fountain, (November 7, 1690 - September 1743). Carriedo donated funds to laid out in old Manila, however it was never realized until realized until a century later, when the Spanish Franciscan friar, Felix Huerta, tracked down the funds donated by Carriedo, and instigate the development of the Carriedo Water System. The construction of a water system delivered 16 million liters of water per day to 300,000 people. By 1909, the capacity of the system was increased to 92 million liters per day by the addition of pumping facilities and the construction of Wawa Dam.

With its expansion of responsibilities, the institution changed its name several times from the Carriedo Water System, to the Manila Water Supply System in 1908, the Metropolitan Water District in 1919, the National Waterworks and Sewerage System Authority (NAWASA) in 1954, and finally to the Metropolitan Waterworks Sewerage System (MWSS) in 1971.

Former Directors:

1930-1934 Paul W. Mack

1934-1938 Gregorio Anonas

1938-1947 Ambrosio Magsaysay

1947-1955 Manuel Mañosa

1955-1963 Susano R. Nagado

1963-1966 Jesus C. Perlas

1966-1969 Antonio C. Menor

1969-1976 Sergio M. Isada

1976-1983 Oscar J. Ilustre

1983-1986 Abor P. Canlas

1986-1987 Jose Yap

1987-1992 Luis V. Sison

1992-1994 Teofilo J. Asuncion

1994-1995 Ruben A. Hernandez

1995-1997 Dr. Angel L. Lazaro III

1997-2000 Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea

2000-2001 Jose F. Mabanta

2001-2006 Orlando C. Hondrade

2007-2008 Lorenzo H. Jamora

2008-2010 Diosdado Jose M. Allado

Private Concessionaires[2][edit]

  • Manila Water
  • Maynilad Water


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