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Wayne Winsley (born August 13, 1963, in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American motivational speaker, author, and broadcaster. He was the morning news host for WSTC and WNLK in Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut, and the afternoon drive news anchor for WICC 600AM in Bridgeport in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

For ten years he was the host of his own issues-oriented talk show, The Wayne Winsley Program, on WINE 940AM and WPUT 1510AM in the Danbury, Connecticut, and Brewster, New York, areas. He was known to listeners as "The Conservative Capitalist".

Winsley has also enjoyed a successful career as a mortgage banker.

He first graced the comedic stage back in 1988 in Norwalk and was performing on television by 1992 when he appeared on an episode of A&E's Comedy on the Road. Winsley then went on to produce comedy shows of his own at venues throughout Connecticut.

In 1986, Winsley began working as an investigator for a major state firm and specialized in corporate undercover surveys. He was responsible for solving several high-profile cases in Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Winsley served in the U.S. Navy and made two Western Pacific tours aboard the carrier USS Enterprise as a member of Viking Squadron 21 out of Naval Air Station North Island. He held a top-secret clearance as a member of the nuclear weapons handling and loading team. He graduated from the Brig Staff Academy, worked the carrier flight deck as a plane captain, and was certified as a jet engine mechanic.

He was raised by his great grandmother, Rachel Winsley. He moved to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1979 where he lived with his mother and three other siblings. He graduated from Westhill High School in Stamford in 1982 and joined the Navy. He lived for a time in Norwalk and New Milford, but now lives in Naugatuck, Connecticut. On October 29, 2011, on the New Haven Green, Winsley announced his intention to be the Republican candidate for Congress in 2012 in Connecticut's Third Congressional District. He lost to 11-term incumbent Democrat Rosa DeLauro in the general election.


In 1989 Winsley landed a job as a part-time DJ after submitting a demo tape to a radio station. He went from playing rock & roll on the weekends to holding a full-time shift, writing and producing commercials. One of the highlights of his broadcasting career came when he shared the stage with B.B. King.

Political commentator[edit]

Wayne branched out from the music side of radio into realm of political talk by hosting his own show The Wayne Winsley Program. The program quickly became one of the highest-rated local talk shows in Connecticut and went on for ten years. Over the next decade Wayne spent countless hours discussing and debating the issues of the day with local and national newsmakers and celebrities, from governors and senators to actors and authors, including Colonel David H. Hackworth and bestselling author David Baldacci.

News anchor[edit]

Wayne moved from the talk studio to the newsroom and once again excelled. In two years he went from afternoon news anchor and reporter to the flagship position, host of the morning news show. Along the way he had the privilege to meet and interview many notable figures including Earvin "Magic" Johnson and the late Senator Ted Kennedy.


In 2005, Wayne published his first novel, The Leprechaun Deception, a crime thriller. Since then he has written two sequels: Duplicity and Delusion. Coming soon[when?] are a fourth installment in the series as well as a non-fiction book, Brave Enough to Fail, Destined to Succeed.[1]


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