We're Gonna Be All Right

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"We're Gonna Be All Right"
Desperate Housewives episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 12
Directed byDavid Grossman
Written byAlexandra Cunningham
Production code212
Original air dateJanuary 15, 2006
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"One More Kiss"
Next →
"There's Something About a War"
Desperate Housewives (season 2)
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"We're Gonna Be All Right" is the 35th episode of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. The episode was the twelfth episode for the show's second season. The episode was written by Alexandra Cunningham and was directed by David Grossman. It originally aired on Sunday, January 15, 2006.

After a five episode absence, the opening credits are played in their entirety.


After several bad dates and a trip to the hospital, Susan manages to finally score a doctor who she is interested in. However, because of their age gap she hesitates to ask him out. Susan concocts a plan by faking an illness in order to see the doctor again. The doctor shows signs of sympathy and remorse when he cannot find out what is wrong with her. Susan finally tells him that she faked the symptoms in order to get the opportunity to talk to him. The doctor becomes very angry since he stayed up all night trying to find out which illness Susan was suffering from. Susan apologizes and invites him to dinner while Ron is still angry. Ron suggests they go to eat sushi at the end of the week when he will be less angry. He also tells her that she has a wandering spleen.

Tom calls Lynette and tells her to come home when the children are sent home due to chicken pox. Tom asks Lynette to stay home from work for a few days since he does not want to catch the highly contagious rash. When Lynette asks why Tom will not come into the house he tells her that he has never had it and it can cause sterility. Lynette wonders why Tom is thinking about more children when they already have four. Tom tells her that just in case they divorce or Lynette dies he would like the chance to marry and start another family. Lynette becomes angry at this and asks Tom to have a vasectomy. The following evening, Tom arrives back home and announces that he decided not to go through with the procedure. He tells Lynette that he will no longer feel like a man if he does it and that if she cannot understand this there will be problems in the marriage.

Gabrielle learns from her gardener Ralph that her ex-boyfriend Scott has posted her nude pictures on a "classy" porn site. Gabrielle asks Carlos to go over and manipulate him into giving the photos back, even if it involves force. Carlos explains to Gabrielle that he is no longer that person. They go anyway and things go well until Scott makes a remark about how Gabrielle is not "internet hot". This causes Carlos to throw him through a window and take the pictures back. Gabrielle looks on in awe.

On a quest to find out some information on the mysterious Applewhites, Bree reunites with Detective Barton, who previously accused her of poisoning Rex. The detective believes the lunch to be a date but Bree has an ulterior motive. When she tells him about the Applewhites he says that he cannot dig into someone's private life just because they seem eccentric. After they finish eating, Barton offers to drive Bree home. Bree takes this the wrong way and believes that he is making a pass on her. Barton has observed that she has been drinking, which could cause her driving to become impaired. Bree scoffs at this and decides to drive home anyway. She is pulled over by Barton himself, who puts her in handcuffs and takes her down to the police station. She is freed on bail hours later and is forced to walk home. While walking, Betty pulls up next to her in a car and offers to give her a ride. Bree tells her that she was arrested for DUI and her car was impounded. Betty has empathy for her because the neighborhood is talking about Andrew and her dealing with her husband's death. This causes Bree to tell Betty how everyone is discussing how she and her son are the most odd people on the block. After Bree leaves, Betty calls Edie to inform her that she wants to sell her house.

Mike Delfino visits Noah (Dierdre's father). Noah is in a hospital bed and is very sick. Noah asks Mike why he has not visited him in a while. Mike lies, saying he has been there every Sunday. Noah wants Mike to tell him what he has been yearning to hear. Mike tells Noah that Dierdre's killer was a man named Todd Forrest, a drug dealer who killed Dierdre after she stole from him. Mike says he paid him a visit and killed him in return. Noah feels relieved but is still deeply troubled about all of this. He fires his nurse, who he claims was not doing a good job. Noah asks Mike if he will see him again. Mike jokingly asks "Will you be having an open casket?" The following night, a new nurse treats Noah. The nurse is revealed to be Felicia Tilman, who assures Noah that "they are going to be just fine".


Although credited, Andrew Van De Kamp (Shawn Pyfrom), Danielle Van De Kamp (Joy Lauren), Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi), Caleb Applewhite (Nashawn Kearse) and Paul Young (Mark Moses) do not appear in this episode.


  • At the blood drive, Zach discovers that he and Mike share a rare AB- blood type, which is used to hint at Zach being Mike's son. However, due to how human blood type is determined through genetic inheritance, such a coincidence would in no way indicate that the two are biologically related.

Title reference[edit]

The episode title is that of the song "We're Gonna Be All Right", from Richard Rodgers's musical Do I Hear a Waltz?. The song has two sets of lyrics, both by Stephen Sondheim: the expurgated version was used in the original production.

International titles[edit]

  • French: Médicalement vôtre (Medically Yours)
  • German: Alles wird gut (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)
  • Italian: Andrà Tutto Bene (Everything's Gonna Be All Right)
  • Hungarian: Nem lesz semmi baj! (Everything's Gonna Be All Right)
  • Polish: Wszystko będzie dobrze (Everything's Gonna Be All Right)