We'll Be Together Again

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This article is about the popular song. For the album by Lena Horne, see We'll Be Together Again (album). For the album by Pat Martino, see We'll Be Together Again (Pat Martino album).

"We'll Be Together Again" is a 1945 popular song composed by Carl T. Fischer, with lyrics by Frankie Laine. [1]

Fischer was Laine's pianist and musical director when he composed the tune, and Laine was asked to write the lyrics for it. The Pied Pipers were the first to release the song, and as well as Laine, it has since been recorded by such notable vocalists as Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Lou Rawls and Tony Bennett.[1]

Notable recordings[edit]

The song was used in the final episodes of two long-running daytime soap operas. The Tony Bennett version used in the final episode of the CBS soap opera Love of Life on February 1, 1980. The song played during the closing credits as the show's longtime director Larry Auerbach walked through the empty sets. The Lou Rawls version was used in the final episode of Search for Tomorrow, which aired on NBC on December 26, 1986. It played during the closing credits, ending as the show's star Mary Stuart, who played the serial's central character Joanne, said goodbye to the audience and thanking them for watching the show.


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